Saturday, July 21, 2012

11 Years Ago Today: The First Date

I was going to tweet this story out in 20 parts, but that felt like a bit much (you don't say!), so instead I just republished the tweets below in one stream:

Quick story: 11 years ago today, I got set up on a blind date by a b-school classmate. I was in NYC for the summer...

I talked with my date briefly on the phone. I was living with my gram at the time, so suggesting we meet at 5:30 for dinner seemed normal

She politely countered with 7. I'm hardly a foodie. I actually went to the restaurant I had picked out the night before to scout the menu.

She met me outside the lobby of her building. She was probably like "Is he wearing khakis? He's wearing khakis." I was wearing khakis.

I suggested we head to the restaurant, but she said she had just gone there, so could we try something else? (But... my menu-scouting!)

We went for a walk. We stopped by West 4th Street and the basketball courts. She was as enthusiastic to stop and watch as I was. Swoon.

Chatting the whole way. I think we're hitting it off. We end up at a new restaurant but - yes! - it's the sibling of the one I picked out.

Still chatting away. She's from Gainesville and a die-hard Gators fan. I find that exotic. (Foreshadowing, cc: @timtebow)

On to the second bottle of wine. She is arguing offensive rebounding is underappreciated. Swoon. Context here.

Getting late. Walk her back to her apt. Realize my subway back to Brooklyn is out of service for the night. No, wait: For the next 2 years.

I awkwardly explain this. I'm more offended by the idea of spending $70 on a cab ride back to BK than I fear rejection asking to stay over.

The next morning my gram, back in Brooklyn, laughed at me on the phone. She sort of stopped giggling when I told her I'd see her Monday (!)

I called my shidduch friend, who asked how the date went. Me: "I'm still on it." Her: "WHAAAT?!" Day 2 of Date 1 was in full swing.

Another dinner out. A movie. Back to her place -- remember, the subway still wasn't running back to my gram's. Kinda late night.

I got up the next morning and realized I had a Page 2 column due. On no sleep, I filed some sleepy dreck, hoping I could fake it.

About 30 min later, I got a call from Lovinger. "This is... not good," he said. At the time, I was still sort of trying out. I was freaked.

He spiked the column. I promised to do better. What I really wanted to do was tell him about my improbable two-day first-date blind-date...

...And that I'm pretty sure I'm going to marry the woman I spent the weekend with. With that context, he'd understand, right?

Two weeks later, for our third date, she met me in Italy. (Longer story/better story here, via @awl)

Most things take a leap of faith, blind dates no exception. I had never had a good one, but I trusted my friend and had an open mind.

That first date, 11 years ago today, was the best day of my life. Thanks for 11 amazing years, @mimshanoff. I love you.

-- D.S.

Friday, July 20, 2012

07/20 Quickie

Just awful, heart-breaking news about the massacre in Aurora, Colorado last night. Among the murdered, an aspiring sports reporter named Jessica Ghawi, whose final blog post was about being in Toronto during the Eaton Centre shooting. Horrible tragedy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

07/17 (Kiss-Cam) Quickie

The video/meme of the day: The Obamas on the Kiss-Cam last night at the USA Basketball game.

You've gotta love the Kiss-Cam. One time Mrs. Quickie and I were at a Florida football game at The Swamp, and during a TV time-out, the camera cut to us in our seats and I spontaneously gave her a kiss for the cam. Alas, it cut away too quickly for the fans to truly appreciate my kiss-cam homage.

Meanwhile, yes, the US team has some size issues, but (a) few teams have the size of Brazil (Spain is one of them, of course), and (b) the rest of the team is so dominant that they will be fine without it. They might not win by 30+ they need to to pay tribute to the Dream Team, but it'll be enough.

Kevin Youkilis returns to Boston: Of course he was going to get cheered; he is one of the most popular Red Sox players of the past 20 years. I'm not sure fans miss him, though.

Matt Forte gets paid: Did the Bears really have to wait this long?

(Ray Rice, too: Deserves it based on past production, but you always wonder with paying big dollars for a "franchise" running back.)

NBA: Mavs sign OJ Mayo. This is called "Plan D."

On the road today. More tomorrow a.m.

-- D.S.

Are you a Knicks fan revoking your fandom in exchange for Brooklyn Nets' fandom? I won't judge. (I'll never judge your fandom, however you want to exercise it. I'm the guy who adopted Florida because of a woman I fell in love with.) I appreciate the frustration level. I'm now thinking that the team will eat the luxury tax implications and match the Lin deal.