Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27 Mariano Quickie

Another week flies by working with the amazing Q team. Please give it a look -- and come back! (And tell friends!)

Inspired by Jim Delany (of all people), I put this together yesterday, a regular refrain from me: Do people realize the massive opportunity that would come from combining college football's compensation problem and the NFL's age-limit problem? Huge.

Anway, the real thing I wanted to say is that I cannot think of an athlete -- in this era of "Trolling Wins" and "Contrarianism Rules" -- who has more universal appreciation than Mariano Rivera. All the best to one of the all-time greats, in any sport. If you are any age from 25-65, he has loomed as large as anyone -- but done it without much fanfare, beyond the awesomeness we can all see for ourselves. The ultimate "show, don't tell."

College football look-ahead:

*When LSU beats Georgia, they'll deserve to be in that mythical "football four" playoff group. And if Georgia beats LSU, they'll deserve to be No. 1, even with the loss at Clemson. LSU will win.

*I want Wisconsin to beat Ohio State, but it's not going to happen, setting up an incredible match-up next Saturday night in Evanston.

*Notre Dame is going to get exposed by Oklahoma in South Bend. No weirdness like last year.

*Ole Miss will keep it interesting for, say, three quarters. Then it'll be all Bama.

*So Florida lost its QB and its most disruptive defensive presence, all in the same week. It's a good thing it's Kentucky. (Famous last words...)

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