Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/20 Wednesday Quickie

*Was the Panthers-Pats game-ending call right? The best analysis of the situation came from Grantland's Bill Barnwell, who explained how the Pats blew the game before the refs blew the call.

*Is Robinson Cano worth $300M? Put it this way: No player is worth $300M, except Bryce Harper hitting free agency at age 25 or 26. So: No, Cano is not worth $300M.

*Wiggins, Parker and Randle have (rightfully) gotten all of the attention, but OK St PG Marcus Smart put on a show last night, reminding everyone he is as NBA-ready as anyone in college hoops.

(But it doesn't feel like OK St has nearly the same "national title or bust" expectations as the Big Three frosh.)

Let's not overlook Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky, who had a school-record 43 last night. Wisconsin basketball is... fun?

*The Heat succeeding despite Dwyane Wade being out -- and, admittedly, this isn't the playoffs, but merely a mid-November game -- is a pretty good reminder that LeBron is amazing.

*The most fascinating player in the NBA is a guy who hasn't even played this season yet -- Kobe. Can't wait for that return.

*Big night tonight in the NBA: 13 games. If you enjoy schadenfreude, keep an eye on the Pacers routing the Knicks -- and the struggling Nets at the... Bobcats?

But the best game will mean staying up late: Grizzlies at Warriors, with a 10:30 ET tip time. Will have to catch the AM highlights for that one.

-- D.S.