Friday, May 09, 2014

5/9 Draft Hangover Quickie

*The story of the night, of course, is Johnny Manziel dropping to Cleveland. The story within the story is that the owner was apparently swayed by the recommendation of a homeless guy.

*The Browns had the best 1st round -- Johnny Football, a lockdown corner to play opposite the sublime Joe Haden and an extra 1st-round pick from Buffalo in 2015 (top 10?)

*Five not-Clowney/Manziel picks I particularly liked: Mike Evans to Bucs, CJ Mosley to Ravens, Brandin Cooks to Saints, Dominique Easley to Pats, Teddy Bridgewater to Vikings.

*As exciting as the first round of the NBA playoffs were, the Spurs and Heat series are duds. On the other hand! It's a must-win for my Wiz tonight in Game 3 at home in DC.

-- D.S.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

5/7 Durant MVP Quickie

*One of the best award speeches you'll see, from Kevin Durant -- great for the week of Mother's Day, too:

*Meanwhile, back in the playoffs, the Heat and Spurs rolled to Game 1 wins, and their series both seem over already.

*Not so in Indiana -- as a Wizards fan, it is incumbent on me to think of tonight's game as a must-win, just as I thought Game 1 was must-win.

*Mark Jackson's ouster in Golden State: Did anyone not see this coming the day they hired him?

*One day until the NFL Draft, and "Who's going to take Johnny Manziel?" remains -- by far -- the No. 1 storyline.

-- D.S.