Friday, September 20, 2013

9/20 Weekend Quickie

Another week, another week I haven't updated the blog -- I'm immersed in The Q. Hope you've had a chance to check it out. 

Learned a ton this week, just like we learned a ton last week.

Had great coverage of the Trent Richardson trade -- in the first half-hour afterward, I'd put our coverage up against anyone's.

Increased our output of posts and refined how we manage the stream, both really good developments.

Added a new talent -- FTW's Nate Scott, who was my partner-in-crime on USA TODAY's Ad Meter project last winter, and who is just a brilliant, congenial person to work with.

My goal is to make huge strides week-over-week -- mostly in how we're executing. The audience and revenue will take care of itself (as it already is).

Brief college football tailgate:

My if-the-season-ended-today playoff field: Alabama, Georgia, A&M, Clemson.

Check out the full file here, from the entire playoff panel. In the absence of my beloved BlogPoll, this has been a wonderful outlet.

As for this weekend's games:

Clemson might have locked in a spot next week with the win last night at NC State -- but it wasn't that impressive and being the 4th seed means it's a tenuous spot. Who might take them out? No one -- this week's games are really really mediocre. (Stanford, who plays Arizona State? Hell, ASU should have a loss from Wisconsin right now, and I'll grade them out as such.)

With zero upsets on tap, the only game that really matters is Kansas State-Texas, if only to see what happens when Texas loses AGAIN.

Enjoy your weekend. Visit The Q!

-- D.S.