Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday AM (Very) Quickie

So I sent this from the road on my Blackberry at 9 a.m. this morning, but I finally get home from about 12 hours of traveling only to find out it didn't post! Damn it! Here's what I had:

DAYTONA: Did the wild finish help the sport or merely highlight the primary (and random) role of accidents in determining the sport's outcomes?

NBA ALL-STAR: The parties better have been epic, because the actual events -- particularly yesterday's game -- were duds. (The notable standouts: Bavetta-Barkley kiss, Dwight Howard slaps a sticker near the top of the backboard, Shaq's dancing, Arenas' trampoline dunk.)

CBB: Who's Number One? I'm saying Wisconsin, but I'm willing to listen to other offers. Let's all agree that the Wisconsin-Ohio State winner will probably be No. 1 after this coming weekend.

Brady Baby-Daddy: He's an MVP alright -- Most Virile 'Pregnator. Will out-of-wedlock fatherhood tarnish his Golden Boy image? (And will he and Leinart form a new club?)

(I actually posted -- or TRIED to post -- an entire thing about Brady on Sunday afternoon. Here it is: "So what will it do to Tom Brady's image that is ex-g/f is pregnant with his baby? Think she pulled the goalie when she realized he was about to dump her? Or maybe he dumped her after he found out? Either way, it confirms his uber-virility, doesn't it?)

-- D.S.


Spencer said...

Finally. My day is complete.

Travis said...

The only way his image is tarnished is if he doesnt take responsibility.

If he shows up in the kids life all is well in Bradyville.

Shane said...

where's pippen most likely to go? my guess is the lakers. He'll be reunited with his old coach and will once again be alongside the best player in the league. the young lakers team can use his leadership. the lakers will also look more like a contender if the rumoured Kidd deal comes off.

TJ said...

The ending of the 500 of course helped NASCAR. It was exciting as hell. Although, non-fans will probably still treat it like my roommate treats basketball--"Call me if there's a minute left and it's a close game; otherwise I don't care."

CMFost said...

I am guessing Tom should of skipped the break up sex!!!

Matt T said...

Slipping one past the goalie is my favorite euphamism for someone getting pregnant.

Natsfan74 said...

Crashes change outcomes in NASCAR races? Really?

Kinda like injuries change outcomes in other sports? Suns go 2-4 without Nash, potentially losing a 1-seed!

That race will draw people to NASCAR. Even as a fan, I like the crashes as much as the races, when they are good ones. Add in a few late, dramatic crashes and a guy coming from 7th to 1st in 1/2 lap, that's huge for the sport. My wife -- a non-NASCAR fan -- answered the phone from her best friend, said "I'll call you right back, the race is almost over" and hung up. And then, she ranted to her friend about the finish (I am a Mark Martin fan). That's NASCAR marketing.....