Monday, February 12, 2007

NBA Midseason Awards:
Coming This Week (Weigh In Now)

With the NBA All-Star Break coming up this weekend, I'm putting together my NBA Midseason Awards post for later this week, and I wanted to get your take:

MVP? Rookie? Coach of the (Mid-)Year? Most Improved? Biggest Breakthrough(s)? Biggest Disappointment(s)? Top Storyline(s)?


Unknown said...

I'd give Coach of the Mid Year to Doc Rivers. It takes a transcendent talent to coach a team as historically bad as the Celtics right now.

Congratulations Doc Rivers.

pv845 said...

Can you give biggest disappointment to the Leastern conference as a whole? For teams that people expected to be better, some are barely above .500.

Big D said...

Damnit DJ... beat me too it.

But, if we're talking "true" MVPs, sure Steve Nash is good, but Barbosa seems to be handling the team pretty well while Nash is injured.

Agent Zero is pretty much unstoppable on any given night (the Portland debacle notwithstanding).

Kobe is the only reason the Lakers are even in any type of contention.

But as bad as the Celtics were with Paul Pierce, how gawd-awful are they without him? Like 2-3618? 0-for the last-18?

He's good for at least 10 wins a season on this team. Can any other player say that?


jalpert said...

Is Tyrus Thomas in the league? How about that guy the Raptors drafted?

My storyline is how un-exciting the top rookies have been.

kirby077 said...

MVP - Nash
Rookie - Bargnani
Coach - Van Gundy
Improved - Martin
Breakthrough - Bosh
Disappointment - AI and 'Melo together
Storyline - The gay players Barkley referred to on PTI being outed

Bear said...

big d

Without Nash, the Suns are 1-2. After their recent hot streak, this seems to reinforce the face that Nash is the most valuable player. HOWEVA, I do like your argument that Paul Pierce should be MVP.

But I think the midseason MVP should be Nash, although people are getting tired of him already.

Anonymous said...


ROY:for being on a playoff contending team, and playing a key role :Bargnani

Coach:Mitchell (who honestly thought the raptors could gel this quick)

Suprise:Rockets, John Amechi

Disapointment:Nets. Wince Carter sucks (is it still a disappointment if you expect it to happen)

Basketball story: Can the Heat recover, and LeBrons lack of improvement

real world story: John Amechi (sp?)

Kevin said...

How about Roy for ROY?

And Nash is the MVP right now, for the first time in this run, but he won't get it...fortunately MVP awards have lost their relavance anyways...

Big D said...

@ Daddy

Nope, you got it right. It's The Garden again, albeit the TD Bank North Boston Garden. Close enough.

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm in your comment? I was clearly joking with the Pierce nomination (gee, ya think?). Though you've got to admit - the C's are a mediocre, at best, team with him on the floor. But they are far and away the worst team in the league with him on the bench.

To me, that's the very definition of "valuable".

Big D said...

And also daddy, if you remember, the "M-V-P" chants were in full effect in the Garden last week...

... for Kobe.

BLT said...

MVP - Nash
Coach - Isiah Thomas
Most Improved - Chris Bosh
Breakthrough - Agent Zero
Biggest Disappointment - Nuggets
Top Storylines - The Knicks, AI Trade and the Raptors

Unknown said...

MVP - Nash. No way does it go to Gilbert with his me first approach. He is not a team player and is a bigger distraction than Mark Cuban.
Rookie - Brandon Roy
Coach - D'Antoni (Second Half, watch out for Ron Rothstein for turning the Heat around)
Improved - Boozer
Breakthrough - Josh Howard
Disappointment - Isiah was actually better than Brown
Storyline - Fines and Suspensions, New (Old) Ball?

Anonymous said...

MVP - Kobe because he is the best overall player in the NBA and if you took him off that team they would be out of the playoffs (2. Nash, 3. Dirk)
Rookie - Brandon Roy and nobody else (rookie class stinks)
Coach - Jerry Sloan (with Phil Jackson, Mike D'Antoni, and Avery Johnson all in contention)
Improved - Kevin Martin, because of 10 point improvement to his scoring average
Breakthrough - Gilbert Arenas, even though Dan's slurping has made me turn on him (Josh Howard a serious contender here)
Disappointment - Lebron James lack of progression and passivity (even Wade called him out on it)
Storyline - David Stern losing his mind (new ball/old ball fiasco, Melo getting 15 games for a slap-fest, Kobe being suspended one game for a hard play)

Unknown said...

@ daddy rosee

It is the Garden. Thanks for noticing.

CMFost said...

actually Daddee it is the garden and there have been MVP chnats there recently except they were for Kobe.

Can we please end this comment moderation? It is killing your Blog Dan!!!

WuzUpG said...

MVP: Nash
Rookie: Brandon Roy (perfect name, R.O.Y.)
Coach of the (Mid-)Year: Phil Jackson because he got Kobe...sharing?
Most Improved: Deron Williams
Biggest Breakthrough(s): Monta Ellis; Iguodala, now that Iverson is gone
Biggest Disappointment(s): Kirilenko
Top Storyline(s): The Warriors are actually in contention for the final 8th spot.

CoCo said...

The Suns losing games doesn't automatically prove Nash should be MVP. Everyone loses at some point. But hey, if we're making that argument then let's throw Kwame Brown, Paul Pierce, Nenad Kristic and Antawn Jamison in this MVP discussion. (seems a bit ridiculous doesn't it)?
MVP-Kobe Bryant. Who's been more valuable to the league? He's must see tv because he's capable of making history on any night.
Most Improved-Josh Smith. The Hawks are 20-30 which no one expected and his energy and highlights are a big reason why.
Disappointment-New Jersey Nets. I don't even know what to say.
Coach of the Year-Pat Riley, he gave himself an out just in case the Heat didn't recover from their tough start, now he'll come back and save the day. Genius.
Rookie of the Year- The kid in Toronto, I can't spell his name
Surprise-The Rockets winning without Yao, although in fairness he's been injured so much they should be used to it.
Storyline-Kobe getting MVP chants in Boston, hell must be nearing the freezing point!

John Paul Manahan said...

MVP: Steve Nash vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Nash because the emregence of J-Ho for me is THE reason why the Mavs are the best team in the league. Besides, Nash is playing even better than his 2-MVP seasons

Rookie: Brandon Roy

i believe he will turn it up in the 2nd half. (Millsap and Bargnani will contend)

Coach of the (Mid-)Year:

Sam Mitchell with the improvement of the Raptors

Most Improved: Josh Howard becoming a Stud. (a notch below Super-stud level of Dirk, etc...) You can go with Monta Ellis / Andres Biedrins here as well. Watch out for Andre Iguodala.

Biggest Breakthrough(s): Gilbert Arenas as a Super-Stud, Deron Williams playing like he has arrived. Dwight Howard being ridiculous.

Biggest Disappointment(s):

New Jersey Nets (absolute disappointment), LA Clippers (it hurts me to say that)

Top Storyline(s)? The Ball, the Excessive Complaining, Iverson, Gilbert,

IkeKrizzule said...

Adding to what Daniel said in response to Big D, without Nash the Suns are 1-2 and would have lost to Portland had Travis Outlaw not missed a layup to end the 4th (Phoenix won in OT). After barely winning against a bad team, they then proceeded to lose to a bad team (Atlanta) and a good team but one they beat with Nash (Chicago) at home.

MVP - Nash or Dirk, can't complain either way
RoY - Brandon Roy might have missed too many games to deserve it now (so I'd go Bargnani), but assuming he keeps playing at this level I'd give it to him at the end of the season.
Coach - eh, Sloan's done a good job
Disapointing - LeBron, he's too young to start being disinterested and lazy.
Breakthrough - the Raptors are really starting to play great, team oriented basketball.

pv845 said...

On a non-NBA note, anyone else completely shocked by the Schotenheimer firing and the excuse given by the Chargers for the change?

Anonymous said...

Mid-Season NBA Awards:

Most Valueable Player
1. Steve Nash
2. Kobe Bryant
3. (tie) Gilbert Arenas/Dirk Nowitzki
Least Valueable Player
1. Allan Houston
2. Brian Grant
3. Steve Francis
Rookie of the Year
1. Brandon Roy
2. Jorge Garbajosa
3. Andrea Bargnani
Not Rookie of the Year
1. Mouhamed Saer Sene
2. Maurice Ager
3. Mardy Collins
Coach of the Year
1. Eddie Jordan
2. Jerry Sloan
3. Sam Mitchell
Not Coach of the Year
1. Doc Rivers
2. Bob Hill
3. Terry Stotts
Most Improved Player
1. Caron Butler
2. Andre Iguodala
3. Luol Deng
Least Improved Player
1. Andrei Kirilenko
2. Chris Webber
3. Brad Miller
Breakthrough Player
1. Kevin Martin
2. Deron Williams
3. David Lee
Breakdown Player
1. Primoz Brezec
2. Steve Francis
3. Awvee Storey
Comeback Player
1. Amare Stoudemire
2. Grant Hill
3. Nene
Go Away Player
1. Jason Richardson
2. Bobby Simmons
3. Kevin Martin
Defensive Player
1. Marcus Camby
2. Ron Artest
3. (tie) Emeka Okafor/Ben Wallace
Not Defensive Player
1. Michael Redd
2. Joe Johnson
3. Richard Hamilton
Positive Storyline
1. Switch Back to Old Ball
2. Upcoming Draft
3. New and Improved Kobe Bryant
Neutral Storyline
1. John Amechi is Gay
2. All-Star Game in Las Vegas
3. The New York Knicks
Negative Storyline
1. Switch to New Ball
2. Knicks-Nuggets Brawl
3. Lack of Rookie Talent (read: High Schoolers)

Clayton said...

MVP-Nash, you could argue the two previous years, but not this year
Rookie-Roy or Baragini, if that's how you spell it
Improved-Boozer's stepping up, or Smith
Disappointment-Nuggets after AI trade, David Stern, Celtics, Shaq, the list goes on
Story-Stern is a lunatic, Celtics, Raptors

Calvealier said...

MVP? Dirk. Best player on the best team. Look for Wade/Kobe coming down the stretch (Nash won't win again).

Rookie? The Raptor fan in me wants to say Bargnani, but it is Brandon Roy. His numbers are substantially better than all other rookies (although he has missed time). Bargs will be a better pro though.

Coach of the (Mid-)Year? Not Sam Mitchell. The Raptors success can largely be attributed to Bosh's emergence, as well as, the pieces Colangelo brought in (plus holdovers Calderon and Mo P). Phil Jackson is the coach of the year. To have that team with that talent and injuries playing this well for this long is very impressive (ditto for van gundy, but anyone who makes the games that boring has no busienss winning).

Most Improved? Al Jefferson

Biggest Breakthrough(s)? Bosh

Biggest Disappointment(s)? The Kings. Basically the same roster that tore it up in the 2nd half and they suck. Ditto for the Clip.

Top Storyline(s)? The matchups in the Western conference playoffs. A potentially epic final 4 looming there (Mavs-Rockets, Spurs-Suns).