Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday 06/29 A.M. Quickie:
Who Are the NBA Draft's Big Winners, Losers?

Who are last night's NBA Draft winners and losers? Let's see...

Blazers are the big winners: "Super-size" is more like it. How many players did they draft and/or acquire? It felt like more than they are allowed to carry on the roster.

Start with this: Greg Oden? Awesome. Franchise foundation. Trading for Channing Frye? A little too close to LaMarcus Aldridge, but I like the depth on the frontcourt. (And then all those draftees. Whew! Yes, I know I mentioned the Blazers having Derrick Byars for the last 90 minutes on the blog...and I was ERRONEOUS. He's on the Sixers. But who can't love the Finn?)

UPDATE: If you watch one piece of YouTube from the Draft, make it the return of Stephen A. Smith's Cheez Doodles hecklers (h/t: Deadspin). These guys are amazing. They dubbed Joakim Noah, "The People's Princess."

UPDATE 2: If you haven't weighed in yet, who is your early favorite for Rookie of the Year -- or, if you think it's Oden or Durant in a lock, your all-Rookie team? Is it so obvious that it's Oden, Durant, Conley... hmm...who ARE the other two?

Sonics win big with Durant: That alone would have made Seattle a huge winner. Then they ship off Ray Allen's shots and replace them with Jeff Green's versatility. I'm not as sold as others that Durant and Green complement each other so perfectly, but if experts like Thorpe and the Sonics GM Presti are convinced, I'll buy it: Green will thrive next to KD.

Gators get five players drafted: Worthy of a two-time NCAA champ and the best starting five in NCAA history. Horford to the Hawks was a no-brainer. Brewer to the T'wolves should give KG at least a little hope. Noah to the Bulls was inspired. Chicago will LOVE him. (Rovell says he's the biggest marketing winner of the draft.)

(Minnesota drafting Chris Richard to be Brewer's roommate was smart; he's a poor man's Udonis Haslem. And Taurean Green is a gamer; he's part of a way-too-crowded Blazers point guard situation, but I think he'll earn his spot. OK: So who wants Lee Humphrey?)

Knicks Trade: I give Isiah credit. Zach Randolph is the interior bruiser to Eddy Curry's big-softie style. (Yeah, they give up on Frye, but David Lee was better than Frye anyway.) They take on Randolph's monster contract, but that's par for the course for Isiah.

Michael Jordan screws up (yet) another draft: I am no fan of Brandan Wright, but trading cheap young size for an expensive older guard is ludicrous. (Hello: Gerald Wallace?!)

The Celtics make a wrong move to win now: Teaming Ray Allen with Paul Pierce makes me wonder how this isn't anything different than "Sonics East," with Pierce playing the role of Rashard Lewis to Ray Allen's designated gunner. What a mistake. That team isn't winning the East, and I'd be surprised if they made the playoffs next season.

Milwauk-Yi: Pretty good marketing slogan, no? Wait: You say Yi's handlers don't want him playing there? And that the team hasn't really seen him work out? Eh, who cares: It's China. And haven't you heard? The NBA in China is going to be bigger than the NBA in the U.S. (No, seriously: I'll be surprised if he ever puts on a Bucks uniform. Way to go, Larry Harris.)

More picks I liked: Mike Conley (Grizzlies...c'mon: who didn't?); Acie Law (Hawks -- ditto); Marco Belinelli (Warriors); Morris Almond (Jazz); Derrick Byars (Sixers, though he's yet another swingman). I'm a sucker for "team fit."

More picks I didn't like: Nick Young (Wizards); Wilson Chandler (Knicks); Alando Tucker (Suns). Happy to be proven wrong.

Meanwhile: For a draft so touted for its plethora of big men, didn't it feel like all those swingmen sort of blurred together? How many teams got anything more than incrementally better through the draft itself? Portland. Seattle. Atlanta (maybe).

Draft Fashion: My "Best Dressed" of the night was an easy one – Joakim Noah. Original, innovative... and only he could have pulled it off.

The Head Chick in Charge has the entire fashion report on the night right here from her live-blog last night. If you haven't read it yet, scroll down or click here.

Lost in the NBA Draft Mania...

Frank Thomas hits HR No. 500: Joins exclusive club and punches his ticket for the Hall of Fame. (And then he celebrated by getting ejected from the game. Classy!)

Craig Biggio gets Hit No. 3000: Another exclusive club. Another Hall of Fame ticket punched.

Michelle Wie continues to struggle: To say the least. A first-round 82 (tying her worst score ever) in the first round of the U.S. Open.

Hockey Hall of Fame: Mark Messier was one of the great no-brainers I can think of. One of the biggest personalities in NHL history, too.

Kobe Video: Eh. What was all that fuss about?

Cold Pizza sexual harassment lawsuit against Jay Crawford and Woody Paige: That's just not good.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

The Derrick Byars pick is coming to Philly, and Kopenen's rights are going to Portland...Dan I know that the Florida boys were gone at this point, but let's get things right

John Paul Manahan said...

pardon me if this is going to be a bit long...

2007 draft

First Round:

1. Portland: Greg Oden – low-post big man that would anchor a revitalized franchise. Rip City Revival.

2. Seattle: Kevin Durant – Can this guy save the franchise? Maybe, just maybe.

3. Atlanta: Al Horford – best player available. Tag-teaming with the Landlord.

4. Memphis: Mike Conley, Jr. – plays like Tony Parker, will be Iavaroni’s Steve Nash

5. Boston (but goes to Seattle): Jeff Green – consummate role player / glue guy.

6. Milwaukee: Yi Jianlian – will China’s 50 Cent fit with Bogut and Charlie V? head-scratcher…

7. Minnesota: Corey Brewer – 2007 MOP will complement Foye in the backcourt.

8. Charlotte (but goes to Golden State): Brandan Wright – adds size and length to a thin frontcourt, without compromising Nellie-ball.

9. Chicago: Joakim Noah – another energy guy in a team filled with energy guys. Needs work on offense.

10. Sacramento: Spencer Hawes – adds size. Can learn from Brad Miller. Franchise, though, seems to be lost.

11. Atlanta: Acie Law IV – team finally gets a PG. Fearless. Next Sam Cassell, perhaps.

12. Philadelphia: Thaddeus Young – another complementary piece for Igoudala, but still a bit raw, though.

13. New Orleans: Julian Wright – another piece of the puzzle. Will do the little things. Will spell david west and peja.

14. LA Clippers: Al Thornton – Best Player Available (Crittenton will not fit here, Law and Conley are gone). Will definitely add scoring off the bench.

15. Detroit: Rodney Stuckey – fits Piston basketball (goodbye, flip murray!) could be chauncey’s successor.

16. Washington: Nick Young – another offensive tool to help Agent Zero. Shooter.

17. New Jersey: Sean Williams – risk-reward pick, will help defensively with a team bereft of shot blocking

18. Golden State: Marco Belinelli – fits Nellie-ball to a T.

19. LA Lakers: Javaris Crittenton – another head-scratcher (Farmar last year, now him?) does this mean Smush is out? Bigger question is what will happen to Kobe?

20. Miami (but goes to Philadelphia): Jason Smith – adds ceiling, but that’s pretty much it.

21. Philadelphia (but goes to Miami): Daequan Cook – Heat are reloading for another run at a title.

22. Charlotte: Jared Dudley – hard worker, athletic, another complementary tool

23. New York: Wilson Chandler – adds more athleticism, remember that Zeke can find talent

24. Phoenix (but goes to Portland): Rudy Fernandez – Spanish Ginobili? Fits well with the current roster.

25. Utah: Morris Almond – Utah need scoring from backcourt. Morris is the 3rd in division I in scoring. If he can play like what coach sloan asks for defensively, pencil him in as a starter.

26. Houston: Aaron Brooks – you have luther head, rafer alston, mike james, the son of john lucas, bob sura, bonzi wells in the backcourt. How will he fit in that log-jam.

27. Detroit: Arron Afflalo – can score. Would help in ending over-reliance on starters.

28. San Antonio: Tiago Splitter – typical Spurs pick. Expect him to contribute down the road.

29. Phoenix: Alando Tucker – hmm… kinda reminds me of shawn marion…. Hmmm…. Maybe… just maybe… wasn’t marion being dangled around…

30. Philadelphia (but goes to Portland): Petteri Koponen – finnish PG still needs seasoning

Second Round:

31. Seattle: Carl Landry – can compete with the logjam of forwards

32. Boston: Gabe Pruitt – 1st round talent, made delonte expendable

33. San Antonio: Marcus Williams – another 1st round talent, not expected to contribute immediately

34. Dallas: Nick Fazekas – could replace croshere in the rotation as the white boy reliever / poor man’s version of dirk

35. Seattle (but goes to Boston): Glen Davis – Big Baby needs to address weight and conditioning concerns, but could back up al jefferson at the low post

36. Golden State (But goes to Charlotte): Jemareo Davidson – hard-luck kid will improve frontcourt depth (okafor, may, brezec)

37. Portland: Josh McRoberts – another glue guy. Little known fact: he was a teammate of oden before. Maybe that would help his chances..

38. Philadelphia (but goes to Utah): Kyrylo Fesenko – adds size. Could it be that the Collins twins’ days are numbered? He’s mean and physical.

39. Miami (but goes to Indiana): Stanko Barac – the guy that comes to mind is primo brezec… that guy did play in Indiana… but I don’t know why indy would take him.

40. LA Lakers: Sun Yue – Chinese Toni Kukoc… Phil could use a guy like that…can he understand triangle in Chinese?

41. Minnesota: Chris Richard – another undersized big man who compete with other undersized big men. Will eat space.

42. Portland (but goes to Philadelphia): Derrick Byars – guy can score, but will eat into green and ashton korver’s minutes. But he is better than koponen right now.

43. New Orleans: Adam Haluska – might replace d-mason in new Orleans

44. Orlando: Reyshawn Terry – adds perimeter threat. Could get minutes with possible grant hill departure

45. LA Clippers: Jared Jordan – solid if unspectacular pg. Could compete vs Daniel ewing if Jason hart leaves.

46. Golden State: Stephane Lasme – shot-blocking specialist. Would definitely add size and defensive intensity to the equation.

47. Washington: Dominic McGuire – adds depth to wings to team having injury issues

48. LA Lakers: Marc Gasol – adds size and ability (does he have Pau’s skill?)

49. Chicago: Aaron Gray – still does not exactly address low-post scoring, but adds more size and depth

50. Dallas: Ronald Seibutis – stashable overseas. Donnie nelson knows international basketball (save for pavel podlokozine)

51. Chicago: JamesOn Curry – can he play under Scott Skiles? I doubt. But he can score.

52. Portland: Taurean Green – why not take a flyer on him? He can play and has NBA genes. But it is a big logjam there at the point. I smell trades afoot.

53. Portland: Demetirus Nichols – ditto, but at least, there is a less logjam situation at the wings.

54. Houston: Brad Newley – aussie shooter, but still does not address size in the frontcourt.

55. Utah (but goes to Philadelphia): Herbert Hill – another big guy to add to the mix. We’ll never know…

56. Milwaukee: Ramon Sessions – hmmm… good talent. Might be insurance given both boykins and mo Williams are free agents.

57. Detroit: Sammy Mejia – another backcourt player? Something’s afoot here in Detroit. (delfino, hunter, murray, maybe billups?)

58. San Antonio: Giorgos Printezis – again, typical Spurs pick. Expect him to be stashed overseas, given the current talent.

59. Phoenix: DJ Strawberry – could he spell Steve Nash? Marcus Banks was not the answer.

60. Dallas: Milovan Rakovic – who’s this guy? Another one of those stashed in euro peeps.


1. Portland - Greg Oden. Jettisoning Z-Bo was addition by subtraction. Can LaMarcus make the sophomore leap? Rip City Revival!

2. Seattle - Kevin Durant. next on the agenda: Rashard Lewis. could this be the team PJ Carlesimo makes his comeback and chokes the opposition? he's long due...

3. Golden State - they add size and athleticism to the nellie-ball. it is expected that monta, etc. will replace j-rich's scoring. i don't think they are finished yet.

4. Atlanta - need size: Al Horford. need PG: Acie Law. they better improve. Phoenix is watching.

5. LA Clippers - offensive spark in Thornton. Jordan can compete vs ewing. next step: jason hart and quinton ross


1. Philadelphia - i am technically not sold on how billy king drafted. thaddeus young, jason smith? maybe byars.

2. Charlotte: i do not know how getting j-rich will affect gerald wallace.

3. Houston: drafted 2 guards. pretty much Yao in the low-post. what if he gets hurt again...

4. Lakers: their drafting does not still address one thing: kobe.

5. Milwaukee: yi? when you have charlie v? should have been brewer.

Big D said...

Jesus JP... your hands must hurt like hell right about now. Why don't you just take a couple plays off there champ...

pv845 said...

Noah looked like a tool, not like a person that is going to be a professional. Can you say Homey the Clown? He is going to be a horrible fit for the Bulls. Like they needed another low-post stump that can't score. He is Ben Wallace only younger and we all saw how well Ben fit in with the rest of the Baby Bulls.

I still think that KG is going somewhere. I think now that the dust has settled, the Wolves can evaluate their options and see what they can get in return for KG.

Portland looked to have a great night. They have jettisoned their dead weight from previous bad drafts and bad contracts. If the team has another year with decisions like this, they are going to be good.

Anonymous said...

I for one can't wait for this Woody Paige thing to unfold...

John Paul Manahan said...

"Jesus JP... your hands must hurt like hell right about now. Why don't you just take a couple plays off there champ... "

i took the time to analyze each pick.... :)

like i said, pardon for the long post...

Matt T said...

I am excited about Atlanta's team next year.

Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Williams(either one), Horford and Law. That is a very talented young team, hopefully they will run a lot more next year.

Thanks for not screwing this one up Hawks!

1999 Officers said...

damn it, pv485, you beat me to the punch about Joakim. That guy looked and acted like a total d-bag. At least we know he won't be signed to endorsement deals from Gillette, Wahl Clippers or the American Dental Association. Although that seersucker suit and bow tie might get him money from KFC.

CMFost said...

"The Celtics make a wrong move to win now: Teaming Ray Allen with Paul Pierce makes me wonder how this isn't anything different than "Sonics East," with Pierce playing the role of Rashard Lewis to Ray Allen's designated gunner. What a mistake. That team isn't winning the East, and I'd be surprised if they made the playoffs next season."

Dan - Thank you, You have know all but cemented the Celtics as the Eastern Conference Champion.

Ray Allen makes the Celtics better, especially since they kept Jefferson and the Ratliff contract which means they can go out and add another piece to put the team over the top. Hmm- How about Jefferson, Ratliff and next years #1 for Garnett.

Brian in Oxford said...

I *used* to be as big a Celtics fan as there ever was. Of course, that was 20 years ago.

They traded Danny Ainge to Sacramento once....perhaps Ed Pinckney and Joe Kleine could try running the team for a season?

CMFost said...

Now that Noah is a professional does that make him the ugliest man currently in professional sports?

Darklawdog said...

First of, Joakim Noah looked like an absolute tool. No human being should ever wear what he was wearing.

I hated that the Bulls selected Noah. He doesn't make them any better. The Bulls needed an offensive big man, not another Anderson Varejo. I do believe they selected Aaron Gray in the 2nd round.

I also hated the Hawks entire draft. They added a 20th power forward and I do believe the 4th drafted in 4 years. Then they select Acie Law to play pg. Then under weaknesses, espn lists ball handling. Jay bilas is an idiot. He said he loved the Acie Law pick and the proceeded to say, he can't shoot, he can't dribble, he can't create, WTF?????? The Hawks selected players who can play now to add to the youngest team in the NBA. If they were going to take Horford, they should have traded down from the 11 pick and taken a bigger player with more upside in Crittenton. No wonder they Hawks suck year in and year out. Acie Law has no upside and his better days are past him.

Milwaukee, I don't understand the Yi selection.

I liked the Brandon Wright selection, but the trade was one sided for Golden State.

The Lakers end up with Crittenton. Why? Farmar??

I'm surprised Daequan Cook ended up in Miami. Are they planning on playing him and Wade together or did they get a career backup sg?

Houston's pick was beyond dumb.

Jen said...

Ok, you guys have peaked my interest and I will now go in search of a picture of Noah...

Mega said...

Bulls fans are ready to storm the United Center with torches and pitchforks for getting Noah. Basically we got the more annoying/less athletic/uglier version of Tyrus Thomas. I love Thomas, we don't need another one of him though.

I hope Noah is packaged with Nocioni/Gordon for a KG trade.

Mega said...

Who is uglier, Noah or Billie Jean?

The Mark Show said...

Noah looked like a douchebag but I'm sure no one is surprised Bandwagon Dan loved it.

I like the Celtics trade. They got rid of Wally, who has been terrible, and kept Ratliff's contract to move for another piece. Allen gives them a third scoring option and will do well spotting up when Pierce and Rondo drive and dish and when Jefferson gets doubled.

Big D said...

Hmm- How about Jefferson, Ratliff and next years #1 for Garnett?"

No. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have zero desire to see the C's move their one true young player with potential, plus a #1 pick that could be anywhere from #2 to #22 for a player that will help win now, sure, but who can also be a free agent very soon.

Besides, with Pierce & Allen already on max (or close to it) contracts, I don't think they can add any more big names without hitting the cap, hard.

Overall, I think they did some good last night. Now it just comes down to Allen's ankles and Big Baby's stomach.

Chris said...


The greatest starting 5 in NCAA history? Uh, yeah whatever. Your typical inane, non-sensical Gator slurping. There are several UCLA squads (Waltons & Jabbar's teams come to mind) not to mention UNC (remember Jordan, Worthy-2 Hall of Famers- Perkins, Black, & Dougherty), & Duke (Duhon, Brand, Battier, etc...) that have proven over time to be great starting 5s. Let's see what the Gator boys do when one (Humphrey) wasn't drafted, one (Green) was a 2nd rounder, and one (Noah) is a gigantic bust waiting to happen. As an aside, I agree with everyone above, he looked like a total tool. I can't wait to see him get worked over every night in the NBA. I believe that Horford will have a fine career but let's face it he isn't going to be an all-timer and Brewer while being a solid pro won't be making any All-Star teams out West any time soon. We know your a bandwagon jumping homer but please use some logic with your mis-informed posts.

Anonymous said...

Picture of Noah yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I actually watched the Yankee game last night which was postponed by rain in the 8th inning. I have a question for all of you out there. We know it has to go at least 5 innings or 4.5 with the home team winning to be official.

I thought if it was called by rain, it reverted back to the previous whole inning. In this case, the Yanks were down 6-4 at the end of the 7th. In the top of the 8th, the Yanks scored 4 runs. I was thinking it would revert to the 6-4 score. Is that only in case they can't make it up. Whose decision is it? MLB's?

Jen said...

Well, I would usually say "Thank You, cycledan" for finding the pic, but I really can't give thanks for that nasty sight! LOL He DOES look like a freakin' clown.

Of COURSE Bandwagon Dan thought Noah was stylin'....wait, here comes the Bulls Bandwagon to pick Dan up now. "Hop on, we're only slowing down for you, we don't stop!"

CMFost said...

Amazing Stat: Craig Biggio has more:

* Has more hits (3002) than - Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, Billy Williams, Frank Robinson
* Has more doubles (658) than - Yaz, Bonds, Aaron, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey
* Scored more runs (1821) than - Yaz, Wagner, Ripken, Hornsby,
* Has more stolen bases (413) than - Tommy Harper, Willie Davis, Willie McGee,
* Has more home runs (286) than - Roger Maris, Ted Kluszewski, Steve Garvey, George Scott, Joe Morgan, George Bell

CMFost said...

cycledan - Was the game stop during the inning or between innings?

CMFost said...

cycledan found this in an article about the game:

Before 1980, the score would have reverted to the start of the inning, giving the Orioles a 6-4 win. But the rule was changed after a game on Aug. 13, 1978, when Baltimore led 3-0 after six innings and the Yankees scored five runs in the top of the seventh.

Anonymous said...

Found my answer from rule 4.12

(5) Weather, if a regulation game is called while an inning is in progress and before the inning is completed, and the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead; or

Anonymous said...

Thanks CMFOST for the historical reason. See, I remember the rules from way back when I was a kid and that is the way it was.

It seems that if reverting back to the last complete inning causes the lead to change then they suspend the game. It was really raining hard yesterday when the Yanks scored their 4 runs in the top of the 8th. Oriole fans must be pissed off that the game wasn't called earlier when they still had the lead.

Brian said...

Worst picl of the draft: Houston passing up Tiago Splitter, Glen Davis, Nick Fazekas, and Josh McRoberts to take a 5'11" guard. The only PF on their roster is 6'6" and they have no back-up for Yao if 79 year old Dikembe Mutombo retires.

Brian in Oxford said...

Does some of that "suspended game" stuff last night have to do with the fact that the Yankees will be returning later this season to Baltimore? What if it had been the last trip in of the season? Any difference?

Trey (formerly TF) said...


The Rockets are moving to that trendy Phoenix offense, they aren't gonna use much over 6'6" outside Yao.

Good luck with that.

Draft Night Winner: The Orlando Magic. #60 pick!

Joe (Orlando)

CMFost said...

great line from simmons about Noah:

"Even more shocking, it looks like Joakim Noah abandoned his ponytail, slapped on a bow tie and hired Carrot Top's hair stylist. Let's hope he doesn't drop into the second round because of this."

eileen said...


I totally agree with you on the Ray Allen trade. Apparently Dan has forgotten how much the East SUCKS right now. Adding Allen automatically makes the C's a playoff contender. Plus, they didn't really give up much- they're full of developling young players, so they the #5 pick wasn't too helpful. Wally's decent but Delonte is going to get killed in the West. The acquisition of Allen makes them a better team now and keeps them in the running for KG.

I'm just sad that Noah's dad wasn't in the audience. He's the looker in the family.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

NFL Europe Folds!

Now how are the 10,000 European football fans suppossed to get their football fix?

The heroin sheik said...

I kinda thought Noah looked sweet only because it was weird. I also have to sorta agree with Dan on how great the gators starting five was. Do I think they will be great pro's? Maybe but were they a great COLLEGE starting five? Yes. Maybe not the greatest since it really is personal opinion. Yes those UCLA team of the mid 60'd to 70's won back to back to back but did they ever do it with the SAME starting five? I really don't know but I do know that Green, Horford, Brewer, Humphrey and buck tooth Noah did something amazing the last two years. Yes, I am a UF alum but give some credit where credit is due. Thy embodied the notion of playing as a team. Their respective NBA teams are all better for having them even if they don't contribute stats because they put team first and themselves second. Best part is my new job in Chicago does functions for all the teams in town so maybe I can sport my orange and blue when we cater something.

marvin's lost smile said...

Sure, Noah might have looked straight out of a KFC commercial to Miss'ippi circa 1952, but the fact he even went there takes a bit of moxie, considering how dread-bland some of the others were. As for going to the Bulls, um wha????

And what about Joe D stockpiling those G's like he's got a young front court and not a wise-ass and a cripple? Argh, not that he's on par with millen (or Ainge or King, but sheesh). The Celtics move was okay, but it was a job saver, not a title contender. As for Phoenix, I don't even know what they heck they were doing, especially with some of the guards left on the board. Also, the Hawks draft was nice, but they will rue the day they turned down that Amare trade. Him and JJ with the other kids would have KILLED in the East. Of course, the DO get new unis...which are the hottest thing since, um, well, they're nice for a confirmation (I actually appreciate the little logo spot on the back of the jersey - sharp), buy why abandon the red and yellow? Bland on bland.

Here's hoping we get some major trade by the time Camp opens.

king of the herculoids said...

noah was original only if youve never seen andre 3000 at any awards show ever. the only difference is that noah can't pull it off

Anonymous said...

The suspended game has to do with the fact that the visiting team took the lead or tied the score in the top half of the inning. As CMFOST posted, before 1980, it just reverted back to the last complete inning.

If there was no subsequent series scheduled with the O's, it would only be made up if they could fit it in on an off day or after the season if it affected the playoffs. Similar to any other rainout. I guess if they never complete the game, then it gets wiped from the record books but I am not positive on how individual stats are handled.

ToddTheJackass said...

Been too long since I've posted. The rare busy week has prevented me from getting the Studs and Duds everyday. Apologies if you even care...

Noah both looked terrible and great at the same time, if only because he looked absolutely hideous, but it still sort of fits his personality. I won't go as far as Dan, but I'll say that Noah has the personality and goofiness to pull off a cross between Troy Polomalou (sp?) and Pee Wee Herman... still, would've been cooler to go all out and do the Dumb & Dumber look...

Cycle is right about the MLB rule. If the Yankees would've only scored 1 run in that inning, it would've been moot, but since they scored enough to tie or take the lead, then the game is suspended and will resume from the point it left off. I do find it hard to believe though that the Yankees have no more games in Baltimore this year... how can that be?

I was happy though seeing golden boy Jared Dudley going as high as he did, even if it was to Charlotte. He should at least get some PT there, even if it's as a solid 6th man. Also happy to see disgraced boy Sean Williams going to New Jersey. I think that's a perfect fit so long as he can mature a little. He plays above the rim, and can block and alter shots on the defensive side, he'll do very, very well in NJ.

Last one for now, but I'm sort of indifferent about the Celtics move. I think it makes them a playoff team of the 6th/7th spot variety, but not really anymore of a force. Getting rid of Wally was great, and I don't see Delonte ever becoming more than a solid bench player on a good team, or a decent starter on a bad team. And there really wasn't anyone still available at 5 that would've really helped them, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
I missed your studs and duds. Keep em coming!

Jen said...

yes Todd, you've been missed. Studs and Duds are needed!!!

Jen said...

Bozo's son plays basketball!?

Darklawdog said...

Jen, that is a stunning resemblance

BigSmitty said...

As a celts fan I'm ambivalent toward this trade. Even if we do trade Al, Theo and next years #1 for KG, that gives us 3 aging Superstars and a bag of used basketballs. If we don't win it all in 3 years we won't sniff the playoffs for the next 10 after that.

BigSmitty said...

One other thing,
I find it interesting how ESPN dumped Harold Renyolds(a guy I actually liked listening to.) over a sexual harrasment claim. Yet, when it comes to Jay Crawford and Woody Paige(two guys I can't stand) ESPN circles the wagons, what's up with that?

BigSmitty said...

Actually, Harold's lawyers must love this, they can nail ESPN on wrongful termination. ESPN just showed how an accusation doesn't have to result in dissmisal which, if I recall, is the exact reason they gave for giving Harold the boot. If my recollection is wrong, I apologize.

Joey said...

Best starting five in NCAA history? The '76 Hoosiers starting five (Buckner, Abernathy, Benson, Wilkerson, May) were better. And UCLA has probably had multiple squads with better starting fives.