Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday 06/02 A.M. (Very) Quickie

MLB, NL: Carlos Zambrano puts Michael Barrett in the hospital after Cubs clubhouse melee. Take a sip today every time you hear someone wedge in a pun about the pitching-catching "battery."

MLB, AL: Torre throws A-Rod under the bus, says that A-Rod's "Mine!" against the Jays wasn't cool. I say: When your team sucks as bad as the Yankees, they should be PRAISING A-Rod for doing whatever it takes to try to win games.

D'backs win 8th straight: Arizona's success biggest surprise of the MLB season so far?

Bonds Watch: Whatever his motivations, I actually give him credit for not talking about the home run chase and focusing on the performance of his team in each game.

Florida coaching search: Let's hope the Gators wrap it up today and announce that VCU coach and Billy D protege Anthony Grant is the new head coach.

BCS Reform: SEC presidents reject Florida prez Bernie Machen's plan to try to create a new football playoff. Any sort of reform seems pretty DOA at this point.

Kobe Watch: Could the Bobcats make a play for Kobe? What if they packaged, say, Gerald Wallace (sign-n-trade) and Adam Morrison?

That deal makes the Lakers deeper (Wallace is one of the most underrated talents in the league; Morrison stinks, but gives them a marketable face), and the Bobcats add Kobe to a nucleus of C Okafor and PG Felton in the wide-open East.

Got more to add that I've missed? Chime in in the Comments.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

why would the lakers make that deal. no good reason. I still think that this deal could happen

lakers give: kwame bynum odom
get; artest #6 pick

bucks get: #11 pick kwame
give: #6 pick

kings get odom bynum
give#artest #11 pick

(lakers then trade farmar for a big)
the lakers then take brewer and start a lineup of brewer kobe artest which is a matchup problem and incredible defensively.
the bucks move down 5 slots and get a decent big
the kings get odom a great player and bynum who will be good in a few years.

aikehara said...

How about a mention of Ichiro setting a new M's record with his 25 game hitting streak?

Mega said...

I didn't realize until this morning that Ichiro was at 25 games now.

Unknown said...

From the tape that I saw, Zambrano looked like the instigator and if I was Pinella, I would suspend him. Obviously the pither Zambrano called out Barret for a passed ball and throwing error. I am sure Barret said something to the effect that Zambrano pitching like shit is the real reason they were losing. Both would be correct but also wrong in that they said it.

When a player makes an error, they feel bad enough about it. Telling them that they suck is somethign that is bad sportsmanship, and will do nothing to make the team better. Players get frustrated but Zambrano is a first class asshole who should be suspended by the league if the Cubs don't do it.

I am more annoyed by classless hotheads than I am by Bonds. Sure Bonds cheated but so did 80% of the other players. What separates Bonds is to the extent which he did drugs, he was far more talented to begin with and he is not a likable guy.

On a positive note, the Yanks took care of business last night. The bean ball situation got ugly. I hope Proctor doesn't get suspended but 3 Yankees were hit by pitches. It was almost forcing the Yanks to have to retaliate or look like total pussies. They played with a little edge last night which was good to see.



Unknown said...


I couldn't get the page you referenced to work. I did find a video of it on youtube, though.

Manager ejected

Unknown said...

Crap - I screwed up the link. Just copy-paste this.

This comment has been removed by the author.

That is the link to the TV station page, the actual video link is underneath it. "watch video" that will show the whole thing.

Jen said...

No mention of the Indians' great comeback last night, but that's not surprising.


Unknown said...

I did see the "watch video," and after clicking on it using FireFox, it downloaded something that opened in Winamp and did nothing. So, I tried it in IE and it resulted in an error.


Oh ok, its all over the news. You can find it on CNN, ESPN, YouTube....but ill tell you what. I was at the game, and the video does not give him justice.

Matt T said...

Lou must have seen the video of that manager.

His tantrum today was pretty good.

Cubs fans throwing shit on the field. Not cool.

SF said...

a buddy sent me the point, but amazing nonetheless:


Amar said...

I know it's killing you that the Cavs are blowing up right now and Cleveland is the center of the American sports universe. I know it is. Of course, you'll come up with a column tomorrow trying to hide your true sentiments. But I know what you're thinking.

I hope we win the whole damn thing (after you, of course, inevitable predict us to lose in your next entry) and shove that trophy up your ass. P.O.S.