Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday 07/08 A.M. (Very) Quickie:
Buehrle, Belinelli, Venus, Bill Maas, Eva, More!

A-Rod to play in All-Star Game: Or so he's saying now. With the game in San Francisco, I wonder if he'll be the player to get the most jeers from the crowd. (Because it won't be Bonds.)

MLB Stud, Pitcher: Mark Buehrle, who pitched 8 scoreless in what might have been his final start in front of White Sox fans before the team trades him.

MLB Stud, Batter: Prince Fielder, who heads into the All-Star break (and his first ASG appearance -- a start, no less) with a 2HR game in a Brewers loss to the Nats.

NBA Summer: It's Belinelli's World. Marco Belinelli: 37 points. First impressions are important. Compare that to Oden or even Durant and you begin to realize that in Nellie's Golden State system, Belinelli could end up being the steal of the draft.

Here's a pretty detailed breakdown of his debut, via HoopsWorld. (I disagree with their opening contention that it's "only" Summer League. If scoring in Summer League was so easy, why couldn't Durant do it more effectively?)

More: Yi: 9 points on 2/14 FG shooting... Spencer Hawes: 19 (9/14 FG) and 7 reb in SL debut... Pistons' rookie trio (Stuckey, Afflalo, Mejia) combine for 40.

Venus wins Wimbledon: The Williams Era returns?

NASCAR changes name to "Sprint Cup," which is just about the coolest name for an auto-racing product as there can be.

Bad weekend for Bill Maas: The Fox NFL on-air guy was charged with drug possession and weapons charges. Yikes. From the AP report: "The search turned up a .22-caliber revolver, five grams of suspected marijuana, six grams of suspected cocaine and 28 pills of Ecstasy, according to police." That ain't just playing grab-ass with the make-up lady.

Congrats to Tony and Eva. They are the most media-whorish of the celebrity-sports couples, but I wouldn't say most beloved. Maybe in France. Maybe.

-- D.S.


Eric Chase said...

Outside of the very last lap (somtimes, not always)isn't a Nascar race more of a marathon than a sprint?

Kurt said...

Who ended up winning "Hot Blogger Bracket"? I don't see anything after Round 4.

Unknown said...

Dan man, how is Eric Bedard not the pitching stud of the day? Complete game 2 hit shutout? First of his career and a career best 16 strikeouts? An injustice has been done here, an injustice I say!

Unknown said...

A-Rod jeered? No way. He was actually pretty warmly received during his recent weekend here for inter-league play, especially after he said some nice things about the city and the park in the media.

Some fans think he's going to be the next big ticket purchase by the Giants after Bonds departs. I doubt that, but, I predict a relatively warm welcome...

Travis said...

Tom Hicks is said to be mulling a 10 year offer for A Rod.....

Umm been there...done that...didn't work out so well.


Unknown said...

MLB STUD PITCHER: ERIC BEDARD with a complete game shutout that included 15 Ks and no walks on only 2 hits. Did I forget something? Oh, right. He faced the minimum 27 batters on only 109 pitches.

And not mention of Federer/Nadal?

Johnny b said...

Federer Nadal was a wildly entertaining match; probably the best Wimbledon final in a long time

WuzUpG said...

If there was any question about Yi Jianlian, he drills a turnaround jumper with 3 Cleveland Cavs around with .4 seconds to help Team China win.

Could GSW trade Brandan Wright to get Yi Jianlian? We Believe!

Nelvis said...

Jake, I'll tell you why Bedard shouldn't be the Stud. He was facing the Rangers, a team that can be no hit any day of the week. Also, I'm pretty sure they lead the league in 10+ strikeouts games.

Ron is trying to teach the guys to draw walks and work pitch counts, but he has the strikeout king Brad Wilkerson on the squad. What a bum he is.