Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday 02/17 (Very) Quickie

Dwight Howard saves sports: He really IS Superman. Howard put on the second-best dunk contest performance ever in the post-Jordan era.

(He's behind Vince Carter... but you could make a case Howard was even more impressive, given his 6-10 frame -- say this: no "big man" has ever done what Howard did, dunk-wise).

Kelvin Sampson punches back, leads Indiana to 19-point rout of Michigan State in Bloomington.

Syracuse shocks Georgetown (and Arizona was robbed at home of an upset of Stanford). Memphis surviving at UAB should give pause to everyone who thinks they are a Final Four lock.

Kings trade Mike Bibby to Hawks: Atlanta is suddenly...whaaa?!...respectable? Bibby, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford (and, of course, Marvin Williams) is a nice little nucleus.

David Stern says Sonics move out of Seattle is "inevitable": This is really a shock to anyone?

Kobe to start in All-Star Game: Still don't understand why he would risk his team's regular-season on an exhibition. And if he comes out after the first play, he would be kind of selfish, too.

Daytona 500 runs today: For all you casual (or non-) NASCAR fans out there, this would be the one race to watch...

-- D.S.


benjik5 said...

Kobe is not playing because he wants to, he's playing because the NBA is making him. They said since he did not miss any games before the All-Star game and will be playing in the game right after the All-Star break, he has no excuse not to play in the game itself.

Precourt said...

I think you do this just to make me mad, but don,t forget about Marvin Williams in Atlanta as well. He's still only 21 and averaging 16p 6r 2a.

That is an excellent starting line-up and they should do everything in their power to follow the Detroit Pistons model, and keep them together.

Unknown said...

Benjamin is right. There is a rule that says if you play in your team's last game before the all-star break, and are voted into the all-star game, you must play, or sit out your team's next game. I don't know if the rule applies to the reserves or not.

Andy said...

Hey guys, and gals, I'll post this again in the morning but for those of you that played in our Dan Shan Fans Fantasy baseball league last year, I have sent you an invite to the league for this year.

I know I haven't been commenting in a long time, but I don't really have internet access at my job anymore and by the time I get home, all of you have already gone home or are done commenting.

Hopefully things change with that, but who knows. As for baseball, I haven't changed any of the stat rules or anything yet, but I'm sure we will after we discuss things. Thanks for sending me an email Brian at oxford. I never would've remembered otherwise. If you played last year and haven't gotten the email, email me lennyadlgolf[at]yahoo[dot]com