Wednesday, July 30, 2008

College Football Fantasy Football

Got an interesting email from in my in-box on Monday: Their college football fantasy game will now include real names -- "Tim Tebow," not "Florida QB 15."

WSJ Sports expert Nando DiFino has a fast follow-up on the announcement, though two things confuse me:

(1) If the NCAA is going to let this go, then I believe it opens the door to all sorts of other products.

(2) Forcing people to include a minimum of two conferences in their league design is wack:

College football, more than any other sport, includes a level of care about conference play that is fantastic. But if I'm a huge fan of the SEC and I get a bunch of other huge fans of the SEC to play in a league with me, why should we have to include another league we know/care less about?

-- D.S.


Michael W said...

I'm not entirely sure how playing a "Fantasy" League with only 12 teams is really a league and not just reading the box score every week. Fantasy Football is great because of the feeling you get when you pick up a player that nobody has ever heard of and he wins a game for you.

Was that a hypothetical statement, or do your fantasy leagues really suck that bad?

Unknown said...

1) You are right, after MLB lost their appeal in June it knocked the shaky legal ground from under every sports organization. Player likenesses and their stats are public domain, NCAA finally gets exposed.

2) 12 teams is not enough to build a league on - might only support 6 owners at most before you have to do fantasy starts with reality backups. you need more than one conference to make the fantasy experience work.

Big day for college football fans overall though