Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday 03/09 A.M. Quickie:
UNC, Davidson, N'western, TO, More

...And the dream is over for Northwestern. Dammit. Came very very close.

The dream may be over for Davidson, too. In today's SN column, I presume that they would get an at-large bid on the strength of last year's Tournament performance and the star power of Stephen Curry. But apparently the numbers say that their inclusion (as an at-large) would be laughable. It's going to be very very interesting to see how this develops.

Meanwhile, the C-Week game of the week could be tonight's Gonzaga-St. Mary's West Coast final: The Zags are in, whether they win or not. I think St. Mary's MIGHT be in, even if they lose, by putting up a tough fight that shows they would be competitive in the NCAA Tournament; obviously, if they win, they get the league's auto-bid -- and will be everyone's 1st-round Cindy.

I actually led the column with UNC and Tyler Hansbrough, reminding everyone that unless he wins the national title, he is this generation's Ralph Sampson -- super-talented, super-dominant...but ultimately not a champion. (No: The ACC regular-season and Tournament championships don't count as much -- not when you consider yourself a "national" power.)

More in the column: Yankees without A-Rod (pitching is more important), Bills with T.O. (instant relevancy, if not likeability, for the franchise), Magic > Cavs as it relates to being able to take down the Celtics in the playoffs (neither will anyway, so it's moot) and More.

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.


Angel said...

Not sure why you are so insistent on labeling Hansbrough a choker, when he has carried his team to an Elite 8 and Final Four in the last 2 years. Any rational person can understand that winning a title is as much about luck as it is the talent of one individual. Obviously his seasons haven’t ended the way he would have liked them to up to this point, but you can say that for almost every player/team in college basketball on a yearly basis. Once you get down to the final rounds of the tournament, the games are a crapshoot. Choking would be losing in the first 1 or 2 rounds when you are clearly the best player on the court (ala Durant and Beasley).

Also, you should do some research on the school that Hansbrough wanted to -- and would have --attended had their coach not bungled the recruiting process with his parents. That school was Florida. I doubt you would be so quick to bash him at every opportunity had his career unfolded in a similar manner only he was wearing a Gator uniform instead.

Brett said...

Your are freaking ridiculous. The dream for Northwestern is still alive. They still have a conference tournament. To me there is still at least one game on the schedule. And you know what if they can beat Minnesota and Michigan St. they have every right to get a tournament bid compared to the likes of Providence, Maryland, Florida, Virginia Tech, etc. So I know you may be a Northwestern graduate who writes about sports and I may only be a fan and season ticket holder but to me you have no knowledge of college basketball at all because the dream is not over till a team's conference tournament run is over. Come on Dan, this is simple college basketball knowledge. And by the way tell 2008 Georgia fans the dream was over entering the college basketball tournament. Tell 2001 Charlotte fans the dream was over. Tell 2001 Iowa fans the dream was over. Tell 2008 Illinois fans the dream was over. Tell 2007 NCSU fans the dream was over.

Please Dan. Why give up now?