Saturday, November 07, 2009

CFB Saturday Picks and Live-Comment

3 p.m.: Well, well, well. I know I hedged on today's Upset Special (N'western over @Iowa) below, but I have never been more thrilled to be "kinda right, kinda wrong." You can argue that Northwestern needed some "black swan" events -- not just an injury to Ricky Stanzi, but a fumble in the end-zone for a TD -- but Iowa had been living on the edge all season.

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On those days when you don't see any upsets coming? That's when you know the upsets are coming.
I've had good luck with my Upset Specials this season, but this week's pick -- Northwestern over Iowa (at Iowa) -- is half-hearted. NU has owned Iowa in Iowa recently, but I feel like that karma is about to get balanced out in a big way. And yet: Hope IS a strategy.

1 Florida over Vanderbilt - Big day for Tebow?
2 Texas over C. Florida - It's already a rout.
3 Alabama over 9 LSU -- GOTW
Northwestern over 4 Iowa -- Upset Special (Halfhearted)
5 Cincinnati over UConn -- Another rout of a decent team.
6 TCU over @ San Diego St - Look ahead to Utah.
8 Oregon over @ Stanford - Classic trap?
10 Georgia Tech over Wake Forest - GT best of ACC.
16 Ohio State over Penn State -- GOTW. Really an upset?
12 USC over @ Arizona State - ASU pays for USC's Duck rout
13 Pitt over Syracuse - Irish next week.
14 Utah over New Mexico - Look ahead, Utes.
15 Houston over @ Tulsa - Take the over.
17 Miami over Virginia - Canes need big show.
18 Arizona over Washington State - Cats keep going.
19 Oklahoma St over @ Iowa St - In Ames? Hmm.
20 Cal over Oregon St - With Cal, you never know.
21 Wisconsin over Indiana - Ugh.
22 Notre Dame over Navy - But close.
24 Oklahoma over Nebraska - Fun... in 1985

Other Games of Note
Clemson over Florida State - Bowdenfreude
Purdue over @Michigan - RichRodFail
Kansas State over Kansas - Rivalry
Arkansas over South Carolina - Sucker for Hogs
North Carolina over Duke - But only barely!
Tennessee over Memphis - Vols going over .500
Idaho over Fresno State - Boise's next opponent

Top 5 Games for NEXT Week:
(1) Utah at TCU
(2) Iowa at Ohio State
(3) Idaho at Boise State
(4) Notre Dame at Pitt
(5) W. Virginia at Cincy (Fri)

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