Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday 11/09 Quickie: Cowboys, TCU,
Unbeatens, Freeman, College Hoops, More

"Team to beat" is a wonderfully elastic concept -- one week, it's the Eagles. The next week, it's the Cowboys. (It's a good lead for today's SN column.)

In a sport like pro football, where any individual win or loss is not season-crushing, it's a useful construction.

In college football, it's a little stricter: It's been Texas and Florida/Alabama winner since August (if not earlier) and no Utah-style awesomeness from TCU will change that... until 2 of those top 3 lose.

In college hoops, which starts tonight, UNC was the team to beat wire-to-wire last season -- this year, it seems pretty clear that Kansas and Kentucky are on a collision course. (Obviously, college hoops regular season losses, at least among the elite, don't make a difference in a team's ability to win the championship.)

As with every Monday, it's a loaded column today -- with comments about every NFL game, a bunch of items about the weekend in college football and a lot more.

See the whole thing here. More later.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

I know he isnt going to win, but why no Heisman love for Clemson's CJ Spiller? No one (save maybe GT's Nesbitt) does more for his team. Florida would still be undefeated without Tebow, Alabama would still be undefeated without Ingram.

Unknown said...

Why no Heisman consideration for CJ Spiller of Clemson? He does more for his team than anyone not named Nesbitt.

SwaggerTooth said...

I don't think Bama would be close to undefeated without Ingram. Right now, he IS that offense. But yeah, more love for CJ. Maybe a NYC invite?