Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday 12/14 Quickie: Tiger, NFC East, AFC Wild Card, Ingram, LeBron

The Tiger Woods scandal is about money.

That's all.

Not marriage. Not privacy. Not the media. Not a person's individual failings or tastes.


Oh, for Tiger -- who is already rich beyond need -- it might be about his family or is salvaging his reputation (probably only the latter, given the cavalier way he treated the former).

But everyone else has a very serious financial stake in Tiger: The PGA, other golfers, the media (particularly the sports media), the sponsors.

That's what made Accenture's cancellation of Tiger's deal such a big deal: It's about the money.

And why Tiger's "leave" -- what a joke -- is also about the money.

Mistake after mistake, Tiger still doesn't seem to get it: It's in everyone's best interests - including his own -- if he just takes a beating for a few weeks. Then, it's over.

Really: That quickly.

Everyone with a financial stake has a vested interest in getting this behind them. It's a shame Tiger won't let them.

Tiger and the money question is the lead of today's SN column, but there's a ton more: About the wild AFC Wild Card situation; about the NFC East champ and runner-up backing into the playoffs; about Mark Ingram and the lessons of the '09 Heisman; about LeBron schooling Kevin Durant; about celebrating Prairie View A&M.

Check it out here. More later.

-- D.S.

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