Friday, February 26, 2010

Quickie: Kim, Hockey and Olympic Legacy

I feel foolish for having mocked the Winter Olympics before they started as irrelevant and something that most fans don't care about and don't watch.

The ratings have been the biggest they have been in a generation. And some of the performances have been legendary -- Kim last night wasn't just the greatest skating performance of all time, but arguably one of the greatest Winter Olympics performances of all time, period.

For the Olympics to have its greatest moment in its biggest event caps what was overachievement on almost every level for these Games. That's the lead of today's SN column.

There's a lot more. I'm rushing off to try to catch a flight to Atlanta, where I will hopefully, weather-permitting depart and arrive in time to catch the Hawks-Mavs game tonight. More later or via Twitter.

-- D.S.

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