Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie

Thoughts while contemplating my favorite name of a 2010 Derby horse. And this.

*Ever think you'd see Tiger phone it in? Now you have.

*Tough luck for the Thunder. The difference was Durant shooting 5-for-oblivion. I know Durant is universally loved and I know that Ron Artest is arguably the best lock-down defender in the NBA, but if you're over 30, you're allowed to think "John Starks '94."

*The Nuggets are in the same boat as the Mavs: They ain't winning anything, as currently constructed. Implode 'em. Put Dirk in Denver. Put Melo in Dallas. Something...

*LeBron is NBA MVP: Of course he is. Who were the cranks who didn't vote for him?

*My only question about Favre is why he didn't get the ankle surgery -- minor or not -- in February, which would ensure he was all set by July. (Oh, I know why: He's the most selfish player in NFL history.)

*Barry Zito is 4-0. The Mets have won 8 straight. The Nats are 13-10. What's going on here?

*Where was THAT Jaroslav Halak against the Caps in Game 7?

*Holmes vs. the iPod: Anyone else flown next to someone who refused to turn off their iPod or phone when instructed to? It happens to me virtually every time I fly.

*Tebow looked good in his Broncos mini-camp debut. It was funny to watch the local Denver media finally figure out what a mania they have on their hands.

*Derby Day. Be sure to support your local OTB with a $2 flyer.

-- D.S.

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