Thursday, July 15, 2010

07/15 Quickie: 2nd Half Picks

For reasons I'll explain a little later this morning, today's SN column led with a very global view of the sports world.

Coming off the annual Slowest Sports Day of the Year, it was a good moment to take a look at the 2nd half of the sports year with 10 predictions for the rest of 2010.

They include some oldie-but-goodies: Boise State wins the college football national title, Tim Tebow accounting for 10 TDs, one of Miami's Big Three getting injured early in the NBA season.

Otherwise, it's a light day:

*Did Vandy's Bobby Johnson burn out? It's only the toughest job in college football. And he did it astoundingly well, I would say.

*Shaq on the Knicks? Ugh.

*Seth Meyers' opening monologue last night at the ESPYs was terrific. The SNL-style skits? Hit or miss. Janelle Monae? Phenomenal.

*I will continue to contend that the Saints' onside kick in the Super Bowl was the Play of the Year -- it didn't even make the short list fans could vote on.

This seems crazy to me. It wasn't just the Play of the Year, but arguably the greatest play (and play call) in the history of the NFL. It deserves its own ESPY for awesomeness.

(I probably should have led today's column with that, now that I think of it. Glad I have the blog! More on that later.)

See the complete column here. Oh, and today is the 1-year anniversary of's launch. And tomorrow I am taking my older son to his first MLB game -- at Wrigley, no less. So there's that!

-- D.S.

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