Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10/12 Quickie: Favre, Moss, Jets, Cox, Lee

Did the Favre-Moss-Jets game live up to the hype? Well, it had all the ingredients of a Favre Classic: A stirring comeback effort ultimately undermined by a Favre pick-6.

Randy Moss caught a bomb for a TD -- although his most notable impact might have been drawing larger defensive attention from Percy Harvin, who showed how effective he can be when that happens.

But the Jets D ruined the "Favre-giveness" storyline: The Jets have staked their claim as the NFL's best team, and in the process gave Favre-haters another magical pick-6 ending.

(And then there's the sore arm: Sure. Sore from throwing the game away.)

Did Favre cry in front of his teammates about the Sterger distractions? You know: I'm actually not going to fault him on that one; it's been a pretty bad week for him. Obviously, there's a school of thought that you want your gunslinging QB to put up a strong face; it's probably an indicator of how badly he is taking this that he allegedly broke down in front of his teammates.

MLB Playoffs: Giants close out Braves, Bobby Cox's career. It's not like it matters; Philly is going to roll over either. Giants? OK. (It does set up a potential Halladay-Lincecum duel, which is as must-see as it gets in baseball.) As for Cox, it's next stop: Cooperstown.

Today: Game 5 for the Rays and Rangers at the Trop, featuring David Price and Cliff Lee. The Rays may have regained some mo, but I'm expecting a redux of Lee's job in Game 1. (The winner may be at an instant disadvantage against the Yankees in the ALCS, but at least they know they will win the game that AJ Burnett starts.)

Deion Branch back to the Patriots: Remains to be seen whether a few years away has made him better than the WR that Bill Belichick had no problems letting go. I doubt he has aged as well as Moss as a talent -- although I'm quite sure the teammates in the locker room will embrace him as a ring-winning alum.

Concussion Watch: Let's hope that the Packers don't rush Aaron Rodgers back onto the field. It feels insane that he would have a concussion on Sunday, then be back a week later.

BCS loves Boise? With one week to go until the first rankings come out, projections put Boise State at the top of the rankings, if they were published today. Good for Boise -- it should help their profile. That said: There's no way their flimsy schedule will let them stay there (unless other unbeaten contenders start losing, which could very well happen).

Oregon State's James Rodgers is done for the season (knee): That will really hurt the Beavers' chances at surging to a Pac-10 title after the early-season lessons from Boise and TCU. The win at Arizona (plus home-field advantage in the season-ending showdown with Oregon) showed that Oregon State had as good of a chance as anyone.

Julio Jones' broken-hand injury (even if he got it during the game and kept playing) is a lot less interesting now that Alabama has been proven mortal. Alabama could not throw a single pass vs. Ole Miss on Saturday and still win big.

Allen Iverson playing in Turkey? It's a shame that they couldn't (or didn't want to) find a place for him on the Heat. This isn't Kobe spending a post-retirement year playing in Italy; this is exile, of one of the NBA's greatest players.

Esquire named Minka Kelly the Sexiest Woman Alive, which has a tenuous connection to sports, because she used to be on "Friday Night Lights" and she is engaged to Derek Jeter. Has she even done anything in the past year besides make a cameo on FNL and get a ring from The Captain? She's off the radar, thus it's a lame choice. I'm not even sure why I'm talking about it.

(UPDATE: Apparently, she has done some work on "Parenthood," a show I don't watch or follow. And her showing up on "Entourage" doesn't count.)

-- D.S.


David Kazzie said...

The terrible majesty that is Minka Kelly has a recurring role as a autism therapist on NBC's Parenthood this season, and her existence may be tangible proof of some higher power.

Gigantor said...

She was also on Entourage for one episode.