Monday, October 04, 2010

BlogPoll Monday: 1 Bama, 2 Oregon

This week's BlogPoll Top 25 ballot:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Boise State
5. Ohio State
6. Nebraska
7. Auburn
8. Oklahoma
9. Utah
10. Stanford
11. Arkansas
12. South Carolina
13. Florida
14. Arizona
15. Miami
16. Iowa
17. Michigan State
18. Michigan
19. Nevada
20. Air Force
21. LSU
22. Baylor
23. Florida State
24. Oklahoma State
25. Northwestern

First, it's a rare moment when I can legitimately rank Northwestern ahead of Texas and USC.

Next: It's getting complicated to be a pollster who ranks (mostly) based on resume -- but it's certainly better than ranking on preseason inertia. I'm not quite sure how pollsters can keep Ohio State ahead of Oregon.

Then again, you might ask how I could keep Florida in the Top 15 after they way they were destroyed by Alabama. Partly, it's a function of Alabama being simply so juggernautly awesome; partly, it's a function that I think despite some truly awful play-calling on offense, Florida isn't as bad as that. (After all, I do rank Arkansas ahead of them for giving Bama a tougher game -- at least for a half.)

I'm not sold on Oklahoma yet -- expect an adjustment when we have the Nebraska-Texas result to compare it to in two weeks. If there's one team I think I should rank higher -- perhaps a lot higher -- it's Air Force, whose only loss is by 3 to Oklahoma at OU.

Comments, complaints, suggestions are welcome.

-- D.S.

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