Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PTI: 9 Years, 2000 Shows

A few weeks ago, PTI celebrated its 9th anniversary. Yesterday, it celebrated its 2000th show. (Well, sort of celebrated.)

That link is a good reminder that, like the best shows, PTI doesn't take itself too seriously -- even if it is, for my money, the single best sports TV show of all time.

(Actually, go further: I think it is the single-best NEWS show of all time, and -- without hyperbole -- one of the greatest shows in the history of TV.)

Let's credit a few things, all complementary: Leadership (that's creator and EP Erik Rydholm and the team of producers), talent (Tony K. and Wilbon), format (ground-breaking) and the mastery that comes with continuity (the group has stuck together the entire time, with no weird defections).

To have any one of those things probably leads to a good result. To have all of them is what has produced such a special product.

As I think about my own thing -- from the earliest thoughts about the Daily Quickie to my immersion in starting a new company now -- PTI and its team remain a model to try to emulate.

Congrats to them (and PTI fans everywhere) on the milestone(s), and here's to another 9 years/2000 shows.

-- D.S.

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