Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When the Audience is No One (Yet)

The tough news about having a new product that is still in stealthy "test" mode is that I can't show everyone the awesome stuff being produced -- particularly during what has been a GREAT sports week, capped by the double-whammy last night of Brett Favre sitting and Cliff Lee taking the deal from the Phillies, not the Yankees or Rangers. I'm producing great product! Going to waste because no one can see it!

The good news is that, having a bit of experience when it comes to day-in-day-out news coverage (particularly sports) is that as exciting as it might be at any given moment -- "most. whatever. ever." -- the system continuously replenishes itself with more. When I was writing the Quickie, I would always wonder "Wow, how could it get better than THIS?" And, yet, the news never failed to deliver.

Just from last night...

*Just when you think there's nothing left to say about Brett Favre: He sits.

*A few hours later, just when you think the Texans are finished: A wild comeback (THEN they are finished, in even wilder fashion).

*A few hours after that, just when you think the Yankees' cash rules (or you can get a good night's sleep): Cliff Lee takes less to go to Philly and create the best pitching rotation... well, we're all still figuring that out. (Braves '97? Ever?)

Anyway, let me get back to the point at the top: Very soon, I'm going to want you to check out (and test out) this product I've been working on, give feedback and generally help me make it better before it gets released publicly early next month.

I will be giving out a limited number of Quickish beta invites soon. (Limited because I want to be able to talk fairly intensively with folks testing it out. I will continuously release more invites over the rest of the month.)

If you want to hear about that first, I will be posting a message through the Quickish Facebook page and Twitter feed first, so be sure to like the FB page and/or follow the Twitter feed.

Meanwhile, back to Quickish development for me -- even if no one can see it (yet). Can't wait for you to try it out.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Does your new site use Facebook and/or Twitter extensively? I ask because I do not use either, but would be willing to help test your site. Hit me up at my username AT gmail.com if interested.

Benji Lovitt said...

I'd be happy to beta test it. You probably know that a FB page update will show up in a newsfeed and then get pushed downwards. Even if I/we don't see it at the time, I'd/we'd like to test it out.