Tuesday, January 18, 2011

01/18 Quickie: Ryan, Griffin, Favre, More

The pace of sports news is lulling a bit, but it's still a jam-packed day of Quickish coverage:

*Jets Hangover: The prevailing opinion continues to be that if you talk, you better back it up -- and because the Jets backed it up, they're o.k. with fans.

(Ironically, the Jets have totally toned down the rhetoric in the first 36 hours since their match-up with the Steelers was set. Different set of mind-games for Rex?)

*Blake Griffin scores NBA season-high 47: And, at this point, I'm ready to throw my support behind Griffin for more than just Rookie of the Year -- how about MVP?

*Sidney Crosby vs. the NHL: Today, NHL All-Star captains are announced, and Crosby is expected to be one of them. And yet, someone is leaking that he might skip the weekend. (Check out Quickish for a tip to a Yahoo/Wyshynski explanation.)

*Brett Favre "retires": Not being sarcastic at all, I just don't believe it. And I won't believe it until not just next season goes by, but TWO seasons go by. I don't think he really wants to retire.

*Zenyatta wins Horse of the Year: As she should.

*LeBron is launching a web-based cartoon series that is described as a cross between "Fat Albert" and "The Boondocks," which doesn't make a ton of sense.

As I wrote on Quickish -- anticipating that this could turn into a "thing" across sports media -- I'm waiting for the "very special episode" where cartoon LeBron learns a tough lesson about abandoning his die-hard fans.

*What was Tom Brady huffing out of that Gatorade cup? Ammonia. It's common practice in the NFL, and I could totally see it becoming a problem with the "Won't somebody think of the children!" crowd. (Frankly, I think the ammonia-huffing is much more insidious as a bad influence on kids than steroids, which are a lot harder to come by. Ammonia-huffing is off-the-shelf.

There's tons more on Quickish today, throughout the day. Please give it a try -- or, if you're already a regular, please tell your friends and co-workers. At this point, getting the word out and getting people to (a) know about it and (b) try it is the No. 1 challenge/priority. Thanks.

-- D.S.

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