Saturday, February 12, 2011

02/12 (Very) Quickie

Happy 50th anniversary, Strat-O-Matic.

Cavs win! Cavs win! The ignominy of US pro sports' longest losing streak will not be theirs alone for posterity. (They will remain tied with the 76-77 Tampa Bay Bucs.)

Penguins-Islanders: Crazy brawling! (Puck Daddy has the best recap/videos.)

NFL Labor Watch: The owners are going to win this, and it's going to be a rout. I don't think this can be stressed enough. They don't mind shutting down the offseason. They don't mind shutting down the preseason. They don't mind shutting down part of the regular season.

Because while the players' have an average career of 3.5 years, the owners are in this for the long haul -- one year of pain is a blip compared to a decade of things the way they want it to be. And while fans may not be happy, they're not going anywhere -- in fact, we will come back in even bigger numbers than before.

College hoops today: If Ohio State is going to lose in the regular season, it's going to be today at Wisconsin. (For the record, I'm not picking Ohio State to win it all in March.)

RIP, Chuck Tanner. "We Are Family," indeed.

Have a great Saturday. Please check in on Quickish throughout the day and evening to keep up.

-- D.S.

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