Tuesday, February 15, 2011

02/15 Quickie: Pujols, Swimsuit, More

One more day until Albert Pujols' world is turned upside-down: I'm sure he is very interested to see what he might command on the open market, but I don't think he is at all prepared for the shit show he will deal with for the next six months.

Tony LaRussa is lining up the straw men by suggesting the union wants Pujols to leave and get the maximum dollars; LaRussa is just deflecting attention from Albert.

Meanwhile, a nice moment for Cardinals fans as Stan Musial is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom -- a nice moment for ALL fans as Bill Russell earns the same.

MLB Spring Training: Will CC Sabathia opt out? Here's a really good argument why it's inevitable.

Kansas State throttles Kansas: Well, didn't see THAT one coming. K-State may yet make the Tournament field, but it's unlikely they get past the first weekend.

SI Swimsuit: I don't judge anyone if they're really into it, but it was a lot more meaningful to me when I was 14 than now. It is the biggest day of cognitive dissonance of the year at SI offices (except to the extent that they all know (a) it pays their mortgages, and (b) about 100x the number of people visit the site today than typical days).

OJ Simpson beaten up in prison? Yikes. I am convinced that for a good proportion of the population, crimes are actively not committed for no other reason -- and it's a good one -- that you simply wouldn't survive in prison.

Westminster Dog Show: Not for me, but Jonah Keri is doing great work during the broadcasts at WSJ.com.

Jeopardy's Jennings vs. IBM's Watson: Now THIS I can get into. I'm sort of rooting for Watson. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Brad Rutter is a better Jeopardy player than Ken Jennings. Though he played when there was still a 5-game cap on champions, he's never lost and absolutely crushed Jennings in the three-day Tournament of Legends finals a few years ago.