Thursday, March 10, 2011

03/10 Quickie: College Hoops, Tressel, More

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Last night I had one of the great sports experiences of my life: I joined a court-rushing of students celebrating their small-conference team earning an NCAA Tournament bid.

I was actually on an assignment for New York Mag, going to the Long Island-Robert Morris game to decide the Northeast Conference tournament title, from downtown Brooklyn, and my angle was clear, at least if LIU won: Attempt to give people an idea of what it feels like to be part of those amazing court-rushing scenes you see throughout Championship Week.

In the end, I wrote a bit about it but I took a "cinema-verite" video of me being caught up in the wave of students rushing the floor, and I think that did more to describe it than any writing could. Maybe I'll take another whack another time. (Here's a link to the video.)

Anyway, it was really really really cool. I've never been involved in a basketball court-storming, let alone one for a Big Dance invite. What a vibe.


Jim Tressel, Cont'd: I am impressed by the in-state media calling out Tressel for his obfuscation and -- as one columnist was blunt enough to put it -- lies. I actually think that the coach and the school actually thought they would get through this relatively easily; they still might, because you can never underestimate the NCAA's ability to not punish its schools. As discussed yesterday, the lasting impact is really that Tressel's carefully manicured reputation has been indelibly marked with scandal.


So much college hoops today. I find the Big East quarterfinals -- with all 8 teams NCAA Tournament locks -- to be underwhelming, if only because there are no real stakes. (In the NY Mag piece, I call it "March Innocuous.") I prefer the desperate stench of the Bubble teams that MUST win today.


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-- D.S.

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