Monday, March 14, 2011

Hooray: National Bracket Day

What an absurdly busy last 24 hours or so.

Quickish has been on fire
-- hope you'll check it out for some really awesome quick-hit NCAA bracket analysis and recommendations to longer reads.

I wrote up my annual predictions column for the Wall Street Journal -- I'll give a smidgen of a spoiler: Duke over Kansas in the title game, joined by Syracuse and -- yes -- BYU in the Final Four.

Reading between those lines, that means I do NOT have Ohio State (or even UNC) coming out of the East, nor Pitt out of the Southwest.

UPDATE: Column just came out. Here it is. Complete obsessive analysis of it will be here tomorrow.

It's a mix of very unconventional (Ohio State losing before the Final Four?) and the very conventional (two 1-seeds in the title game). Hopefully, it's a winning mix that gets me off a multi-year schneid.

Please join up the Quickish (formerly "Daily Quickie Readers") group of the Tournament Challenge. Should be a lot of fun this year. (It's amazing to me that just 5 years ago, the DQR group had more than 10,000 entries and was the third-biggest private group in the country.)

Much much more later. But for a sense of what I'm reading -- and enjoying enough to recommend -- check out Quickish. It's all Tournament, all the time.

-- D.S.

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