Thursday, April 14, 2011

04/14 (DL) Quickie

First, a fond (and navel-gazey) farewell to Dan Levy, whose prolific "On the DL Podcast" ends its 555-show run today. To commemorate it, he mapped the entire Muppets universe to folks around the sports-blog universe. You know what? They're almost all entirely appropriate. (He mapped me to Guy Smiley, which isn't that far off.)

What happened in Sacramento last night -- where the fans staged a don't-call-it-a-protest love-fest worthy of a team that will be bolting the city where it is the only game in town -- was one of the most powerful moments of the last year in sports. You really feel for them.

The NHL Playoffs started last night, and true to my very sincere attempt to follow them more closely, I had the Caps-Rangers game on almost the entire time. I am contemplating growing a playoff beard, but people who know me would note that it will take all of 3 or 4 days to have it grown-in in full.

NBA playoffs start this weekend: Picks and analysis tomorrrow.

Bonds guilty on that one obstruction-of-justice count: A totally meh moment. I side more with the folks saying "What a waste of time/money" than the ones saying "It's the 'guilty' verdict that will stain his career forever!" Like the assumption of guilt hadn't already tainted it indelibly?

Kobe's slur: Kobe always seemed too smart to devolve to that level. The $100K fine by the league is more of a statement than Kobe's apology, which veered between half-hearted (of the I'm-sorry-this-became-a-thing variety) and honestly being sorry he said it.

More later. Please pop by Quickish today. Lots lined up to make your day more interesting.

-- D.S.

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