Thursday, July 07, 2011

07/07 (Jeter) Quickie

Slow on the draw today, but on the other hand, I just left my kids with their grandparents for the next two weeks, so there's that. As I tweeted earlier today, that's a rare "win-win-win" scenario.

Carve out 15 minutes this afternoon to read Joe Posnanski on Derek Jeter and the 3,000-hits thing. I'm not a big Jeter fan, although I can appreciate him (though without typical worship).

I think I will come to appreciate him more after his career is over -- I already do, now that it's on the wane. It was a lot easier than earlier years, when I disliked him because I'm not a Yankees fan and I didn't like the blind worship from basically everyone (says the erstwhile Tebow blogger).

Anyway, it finally clicked for me that our professional tracks have been side-by-side: When Jeter came up to the Yankees, I was just out of college and starting my own career.

And so I have not had a professional moment that did not include Derek Jeter as a constant -- perhaps THE constant. That resonated for me, even if he is in career decline while I -- at least theoretically -- am still chugging along professionally, perhaps with my best years still ahead.

So read the essay above. More on Jeter as he hits 3000.

BTW: I'm leaning towards this whole "Deron Williams signs to play in Turkey during the lockout" as one of the more genius moves by a player in a long time. If nothing else, it's got novelty and trailblazing going for it. Watch other players follow suit.

-- D.S.

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