Wednesday, July 13, 2011

07/13 (USWNT!) Quickie

Slow on the draw today but now immersed in watching the USWNT in the Women's World Cup semi vs. France...

You know the MLB All-Star Game is bad when the top highlight is Justin Timberlake being interviewed by Mark Grace was the most memorable moment. (OK: Prince Fielder's HR.)

A quick note about Joe Buck: I'm not going to rip him like most, but I do think that if his voice wasn't up to his usual standards -- and it wasn't -- he shouldn't have called the game. I appreciate he battled back from a throat virus, but it wasn't in the best interests of fans the way he was.

Typically, the day after the MLB All-Star Game IS the slowest day of the sports year, but the Women's World Cup has changed that completely, giving the day a real national anchor.

Oh, and James Harrison's quotes in Men's Journal about Roger Goodell. Harrison is kind of insane and most definitely a fool. The retribution from the league (and perhaps his team) this fall will be harsh and swift. But let's agree that if we're at the point the league can punish players -- because, y'know, we've got a labor deal -- that's a good thing.

This made me smile this morning: Video of John Wall last night at a pro-am summer league game in Raleigh, just destroying Julius Hodge. These gonzo videos of NBA players slumming it in summer leagues is helping feed the jones during the lockout.

More later. Enjoy the game and the day.

-- D.S.

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