Wednesday, July 20, 2011

07/20 (Media Daze) Quickie

Still a little curious why no one has "called" the NFL Lockout over by now, given that it is all-but-over. That said, the moment when the news breaks today (or, I guess, tomorrow) "The players have agreed to the deal," with the owners on deck tomorrow will be a fun one. The NFL will be back.

It's not just "when, not if" but "hours, not days."

Meanwhile, today kicks off the grandaddy of all college football media days -- the SEC Media Days, which take up three full days and include 900 credentialed media folks.

I remember two years ago, I launched just before SEC Media Days, because I knew they would be insane. Indeed, Clay Travis asked Tim Tebow if he was a virgin, and that question became the defining moment of SEC Media Days insanity (as well as one of the most memorable moments of the Tebow Phenomena).

It seems appropriate, then, that Travis is launching his own new site today:, with a focus on college football (and SEC football, specifically, although not exclusively). It goes without saying that I support anyone starting their own business -- it's not easy (god knows), but hopefully he will find it satisfying (to help offset the "harrowing" feeling).

Anyway, for college football fans, today is a great day -- even if you aren't an SEC fan (or even hate the SEC), because the next three days include all of the circus you've come to love about college football. (As a Florida fan -- and I celebrate the 10th anniversary of the start of my Florida fandom tomorrow -- I am giddy with anticipation.)

Two things to recommend for you, while you wait for the NFL lockout to end or you wait for the SEC to stop preening:

*SBNation's Spencer Hall spent 8 hours fishing with Mike Leach. Great story.

*SI's Joe Posnanski spent a week on the road trying to figure out why people still love baseball. If you already love baseball, you'll really like it. If you don't like baseball, it's still a good read.

Pop by Quickish all day for real-time(-ish) updates on the end-game of the NFL Lockout, reports from SEC Media Days and recommendations to the best takes on the biggest topics.

-- D.S.

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