Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy July 4th Weekend

I'll be blogging here all weekend and, of course, you can expect a steady stream of analysis and recommendations at Quickish all (long) weekend long.

I'm spending the weekend down in St. Pete with my siblings, their spouses and my brand-new nephew and niece, plus Mrs. Quickish, my kids and my mom. Lots of fun. Among the festivities, I'm trying to get over to the Rays-Cards game on Sunday with my kids - it would be Gabe's 2nd MLB game ever (after last July's First Game Ever at Wrigley) and Jonah's First MLB Game Ever. It's "Family Day" at The Trop, which is a nice coincidence. We'll see if we can work it out.

So what's on the radar today?

*The NBA Lockout. (As I said earlier this morning: It'll all be OK!)

*The NFL Lockout: Resolved in the next two weeks? Maybe!

*The Big Ten welcomes Nebraska and the Pac-10 becomes the Pac-12. College football was already the 2nd-most-popular sport behind NFL. It will only get more popular this fall, in part strengthened by these two conferences boosting their power and cachet. (I'll call it now: Nebraska will win the Big Ten next year and Utah will finish Top 3 in the Pac-10, behind Stanford and Oregon.)

*MLB at Midseason. All-Star voting ended yesterday. I have always been a fan of having a fairly irrational mix of "players having an awesome first half who deserve to start" and "big name players that fans would like to see." There are some tensions: I think Cleveland's Cabrera has earned a starting spot at SS ahead of New York's Jeter. And yet I'd still like to see Ichiro start in the AL outfield, even if he doesn't deserve it. (Love that Bautista is leading the fan vote in the AL OF.) Anyway, rosters will be announced on Sunday night. It's hard to get too worked up. I'll focus my energy on the "Extra Man" vote next week, which is always fascinating.

*MLB yesterday: That AL Cy race between Verlander and Sabathia is going to be terrific.

If you're not dropping by over the next few days, have a terrific holiday weekend. If you can, pop by Quickish. And if you are at a barbeque or 4th of July party or otherwise hanging out with people this weekend, please let them know about Quickish. That's the best way to get the word out there about it. Thanks!

-- D.S.

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