Monday, October 03, 2011

10/03 (Wedding) Quickie

First before anything: Happy anniversary to Mrs. Quickie -- best 7 years of my life.

NFL at the quarter-turn: The Lions (sorry: the 4-0 Lions) are THE story. Period. And, in some amazing timing, they play on Monday Night Football next week.

The Quarter MVP is Aaron Rodgers, who had about as good of a game as a QB can have -- or has ever had -- yesterday in yet another Packers win.

The Quarter Rookie of the Year is Cam Newton. And not even his biggest fans would have predicted how well he would start his career. It's been better than that.

The Quarter Coach of the Year would be Jim Schwartz, but everyone had Detroit figured for SOME kind of breakthrough. But what about Mike Munchak in Tennessee?

Week 4 Notes: Bengals over Bills was a classic "Everything you thought you understood about the NFL this season is wrong" moment... The Eagles are a mess (and, as usual, it's so much more interesting than if they were dominating)... So which of the 0-4 teams are ready to really start tanking for Andrew Luck? Because they could all use him. (I feel like the Dolphins are readiest.)... I can't get too worked up about Victor Cruz; it FELT like a fumble, but reading through the rules, it wasn't... Worth repeating: The Lions came back from being 20+ points down to win for the second straight weekend. It's a wild ride.

MLB Playoffs: Verlander vs. Sabathia tonight in what should be the pivotal game in this ALDS series? Yes, please.... Even if the Cards end up being bounced by the Phillies, they'll always have that amazing comeback on previously uncomebackable Cliff Lee... While you were watching the other games, the Brewers have been dominating... Rays-Rangers has become a must-see toss-up.

CFB: Some rare clarity in college football this season -- the winner of LSU-Alabama (and it will be Alabama, decisively) will crush whoever the rest of the country wants to run through the messy BCS process. It could be Wisconsin or Oklahoma or Stanford or Boise State. The Alabama team I saw up close on Saturday night was not just talented, but vicious. Scott Van Pelt called it "relentless" and "ruthless" -- that was totally right. No one is stopping them.

Keep an eye on Quickish today -- lots of good stuff.

-- D.S.

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