Thursday, January 05, 2012

01/05 (Thursday) Quickie

*West Virginia rolls in Orange Bowl: Wow. That first half was a spectacle. This is the offensive brilliance of new coach Dana Holgorsen -- why he is going to push the pedal down next season (and why he might be on the fast track for a top-tier -- or top-ish -- coaching job despite what some might describe as an erratic personality).

*NFL Jobs: Jeff Fisher is reportedly down to the Rams or the Dolphins, with Miami reportedly unwilling to be out-bid for Fisher, which means that it's really about which team he would rather coach. The Rams have a draft spot that allows them to get instant help on the O-line -- or trade for a bounty to a team that covets Robert Griffin III. They have a ton of cap space. They have low expectations. The Dolphins are in a brutal division with excessive expectations and a pretty flaccid QB situation. (But, then again, there's South Beach.)

*MLB Hot Stove: Cubs trade Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins, where he will get a fresh start under manager Ozzie Guillen, with no pressure to be the staff ace. As a No. 3 or 4 starter? Well, if he can get his head on straight, it's a steal for the newly loaded Marlins. (All the NL East needs is Prince Fielder to become the most intriguing division in baseball.)

*CBB: No team has vaulted preseason expectations like Georgetown. Last week's win at Louisville was impressive enough; last night's win vs. Marquette -- coming from 17 down -- was even more impressive. This was supposed to be a very down year for the Hoyas. Instead, they are locked in on a Top 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament. (To what extent has the lack of expectations contributed to Georgetown playing so well? Qualitatively, it sure seems important.)

*More CBB: It's always fun when Duke loses. When they lose unexpectedly -- like they did last night to Temple -- it's even better. What did Duke in is what always does Duke in: They got out-muscled and they don't have enough players who can create their own shots. (The template for Duke success is always going to come back to that title team two years ago -- Zoubek on the inside and Nolan Smith on the outside.)

*NBA: The Heat played without Dwyane Wade against a Pacers squad that everyone thinks can play the spoiler in the East... and Miami destroyed them. Yeesh.

*Soccer: Tim Howard's goal was amazing. That he was like "Oh, no big deal" was even better. I'm all for fun celebrations, but sometimes no celebration is just as awesome.

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-- D.S.

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Dookie said...

Dana Holgersen for the next Gators Coach! Fire Will Muschamp Now!!