Wednesday, January 11, 2012

01/11 (Into the Tunnel) Quickie

Thanks to everyone for the response to Quickish's 1-year anniversary yesterday. Much appreciated.

The end of the college football season is one of those moments where a lot of fans finally pay a lot more attention to college hoops for the two-month sprint until Selection Sunday. If that was you last night, then you got a whopper of a game with Illinois' upset win over Ohio State. Name to Know: Brandon Paul!

(Meanwhile, Baylor stayed unbeaten with a gutsy win at Kansas State -- the Bears seem so for real, but could easily be that classic 1- or 2- seed who doesn't make it out of the first weekend of the Tournament.)

NFL: It's not that Tim Tebow is bigger than the NFL, but Tim Tebow is easily the biggest star in the NFL, and it's not even close. Sunday's Wild Card game against the Steelers was the most-watched Wild Card game in a few generations, the second-most-watched show since last year's Super Bowl and basically blew the doors off the standard (high) interest in the NFL Playoffs.

Wow: The Jets players really kind of hate Mark Sanchez, don't they?

NFL Draft: Robert Griffin III is going pro. He will be the No. 2 pick of the draft, behind Andrew Luck. I don't think the Rams will take him -- I think they will open that pick up to the highest bidder, and one of the QB-starved teams behind them will pay a ransom to get him.

(The Colts are going to hire away the Eagles' player personnel director as their GM -- how instrumental was that guy in pulling together the debacle of a "dream team" during last year's free agency? Admittedly, the Eagles have drafted well. BTW: How hard is it to say "We're taking Andrew Luck and cutting Peyton Manning?" I guess they want the outside person to come in, because he'll have the lack of a connection to Manning necessary to make that obvious call.)

NFL Jobs: Jaguars hire Mike Mularkey. (Zzz... another re-tread.) Raiders fire Hue Jackson (who never really had a chance, did he?)

NBA: Hard to know what is the biggest story -- Kobe scoring 48... the Heat choking away a 17-point lead in Oakland to the Warriors... or the Wizards finally winning their first game.

Best Thing I Read Yesterday: SBNation's Spencer Hall on the end of the college football season.

Best Thing You'll Read Today: SI's Thomas Lake on the search for Michael Jordan's high school coach, the one who -- according to Jordan mythology -- "cut him from the varsity."

Pop by Quickish to keep up with all the best takes on the biggest stories.

-- D.S.

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