Tuesday, January 31, 2012

01/31 (Media Day) Quickie

A bit about Super Bowl Media Day, but first...

Holy smokes, did you see Blake Griffin's dunk over Kendrick Perkins from last night? Gah!

With that as a wake-up call, we can dig in to Media Day, which has become a tradition all to itself of Super Bowl week (almost as much of a tradition as complaining about Media Day).

Here is the reality: Reporters still get a week's worth of stories out of the group availability (Pats from 10-11, Giants from 12-1).

But in a real-time world, what is said during Media Day is instantly news (and, yes, the dumb stunts also get some attention -- for a company that cares deeply about how its product is produced and promoted, it seems counterproductive for the NFL to encourage the sideshow freaks of Media Day.) This was clear when I covered it for Quickish last January.

In the end, Media Day isn't a necessary evil, because it is neither necessary nor evil. It is, however, the most appropriate testament to the excess of the week.


*Once again: Blake Griffin's dunk.

*CFB: Tomorrow is National Signing Day, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I get into it over the final 48 hours or so.

*NBA: This is a day late, but one quick observation about the Heat-Bulls game from Sunday -- normally, I think that regular-season match-ups are entirely overrated. But that one felt like foreshadowing for late March.

*Pop Culture: How do you feel about Honda's Super Bowl ad featuring Matthew Broderick and a remake/rip-off of "Ferris Bueller?" I appreciate those who find it blasphemous, but note that Honda is going to own this week of Super Bowl ad hype because of it.

*Recommended: No, highly recommended -- Joe Sheehan's baseball newsletter is entering its new season, and I think it was the best $30 I spent last year. If you're a big baseball fan, it's a no-brainer. And if you're a casual baseball fan, it will increase your appreciation and enjoyment of the game exponentially. (And if you know a baseball fan, it's a fantastic gift.) Subscribe here.

*In case you missed it: There were several outstanding pieces written off the epic Djokovic-Nadal Aussie Open men's final. Check them out here.

But, really, Blake Griffin. Yikes.

-- D.S.

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