Monday, February 13, 2012

02/13 (Now With Even More Linsanity) Quickie

Really: If you like the Jeremy Lin phenomenon, please check out Quickish's Jeremy Lin stream, which I think has the best collection of Lin-related commentary and analysis out there. Not too much, just enough.


*NBA: You mean there's more than Lin? Kobe's still got it. And, if you caught that Celtics-Bulls game yesterday, Rondo never didn't have it.

*Oh, OK, more Lin: I had wondered about his free agency situation. Not only do the Knicks have the right to match any offer, but the vagaries of the CBA mean that Lin can't accept an offer higher than $5 million a year -- league average for a PG -- even if, say, the Brooklyn Nets wanted to break the bank for him after they lose Deron Williams. So looks like he'll be a Knick for a while. Next challenge: How do things go when Amare and Carmelo return?

*MLB: The A's won the bidding for Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, who is the biggest mystery talent in the league. It's interesting At 4 years, their risk is capped; at $36 million, their financial risk is capped, too. If he turns out to be spectacular (or even just pretty good), the A's can flip him for a lot more value than they're going to pay for him -- the essence of Moneyball.

*NFL: Is Randy Moss coming back to the NFL? If his head is screwed on right and he's with the right team (cough - Pats - cough), is there any doubt he has the talent to contribute? I'd go right back to the Pats, and if I was the Pats, I'd bring him back. The Pats were devastating enough when it was Welker-Moss. Imagine Welker-Gronk-Hernandez-Moss?

*College Hoops: My new obsession for the bracket is Wichita State. Short of the Shockers playing Kentucky in the first weekend, I think it's clear I'm taking them to the Sweet 16 -- maybe even further. This isn't exactly bold thinking -- as the best "mid-major," they will be a very hot pick to be a Cinderella into the Sweet 16 and beyond.

*CFB: They're all still abandoning the Maryland program. But, hey, at least they got super-recruit Stefon Diggs.

Go do that last-minute Valentine's Day shopping -- fwiw, the card selection sucks today.

-- D.S.

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