Tuesday, February 21, 2012

02/21 (Still Linsane) Quickie

So the Knicks got torched by Deron Williams -- obviously smarting from being the spark of the nation's Linsanity. It's still the best story in sports right now, with a pretty good sports week in the making.

*Tonight: Northwestern hosts Michigan, and it's pretty close to must-win for NU if they want to keep their NCAA Tournament hopes going. (They finish with Ohio State in Evanston -- a near-certain loss -- plus road games at Penn State and at Iowa, neither of which are gimmes, unless the rest of us can convince them to roll over for NU to help the Cats make the Dance for the first time in school history.)

*Daytona: Danica-mania.

*NBA All-Star Weekend: We'll all watch, but kinda not feeling it this year. The Rookie-Soph showcase is stand-out for having Lin run alongside all those draftees picked ahead/instead of him, but otherwise? Meh.

*More college hoops: Mizzou at Kansas. It's hard to say that a win or loss here by either team is particularly determinative -- are you really going to discount Mizzou's shot at a Final Four run if they lose in Lawrence? Both teams are locks for high seeds, so this one is for pride.

*MLB: Manny Ramirez signs with the A's. I'm with everyone else who says "Why not?" Zero risk for the A's, and even at age 40, Manny could still be an entirely productive hitter.

*Are the Lakers going to trade Pau Gasol? If they want any shot to win a title this year -- no matter how slim that shot might be -- they shouldn't. They should keep the window wedged open as long as they can. If they trade Gasol, they might as well be saying, "We're done." Unless, of course, they can convince the Magic to take Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard.

*Best Thing You'll Read Today: The story behind The Simpsons' classic "Homer at the Bat," by Erik Malinowski over at Deadspin.

*Otherwise, pop by Quickish today to catch up on the best takes on the biggest topics.

-- D.S.

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