Wednesday, February 29, 2012

02/29 (Leap Day) Quickie

Mrs. Quickie and I have had a running joke that we were sure Baby Girl Quickie would be born on Leap Day, not March 1, as planned.

If Leap Day should be considered a bonus day to do something special or different or nothing (relax), it feels appropriate it is an extra day before my family foursome becomes a quintet to appreciate where we've been before surge into where we're going -- life with a newborn is a little easier when you've had kids, just because you've seen it before; then again, it's harder because you're splitting your energy multiple ways. Either way, I think you can be as ready as you can try to be and yet you're still never really ready. You just have to -- forgive the groaner -- leap.

Being a dad is not new. Being a dad to a girl is very new -- after nearly six years with boys, I'm curious to see how this works out. I always had an appreciation for strong, self-sufficient, brilliant women (I married one), and I can't wait to try to raise one. I love that there are so many great role models out there in sports and media -- not enough, of course, but so many to point to.

A quick FAQ: Yes, we have a name picked out. No, it's not "Tebow" or "Linsanity" or "Shurna" (although "Shurna Shanoff" has an interesting ring to it and "TBA Girl's Name Tebow Shanoff" is tremendous). Yes, there are already at least a half-dozen Florida Gators onesies in the drawer, some new some hand-me-downs from her older brothers. And, yes, it is beyond exciting, now that we're inside of 24 hours until go time. I had forgotten how awesome (yet nerve-wracking) this feeling was.

If there is no update Thursday morning, it's because we're in the labor and delivery room hanging out, waiting for go time. When it happens, I'll try to post a pic here (or certainly via @danshanoff on Twitter).

Meanwhile, Quickish has been a little glitchy overnight -- we're working on it. Maybe it's the Leap Day version of Y2K.

-- D.S.

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