Wednesday, March 21, 2012

03/21 (Where's Tebow?) Quickie

And so we have moved from "Peyton Manning to the Broncos!" and "The Broncos are going to trade Tim Tebow!" to... "Where is Tim Tebow going?"

There's a case for the Jaguars, obviously.
There's a case for the Patriots.
The Packers were rumored to be involved.
In a late-breaking development Tuesday, the Jets are reportedly interested.
I wrote a five-point analysis for the Washington Post of why the Redskins should trade for him.

Deadspin did the heavy lifting and found an appeal for Tebow from every team in the league.

Tebow is already an object of omni-media fascination -- this is another level, like the week leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft x 100.

I think the Jaguars owner will ultimately step in and -- ahem -- insist to his GM that the team import the local star.

As I have since around 2007, I think that the Patriots are the best fit for him -- you have to lose your presumption that the only role Tebow can or would play is full-time starting QB. (Of course, I don't see John Elway trading Tebow to a bonafide rival for the AFC title. Elway may not think much of Tebow as his starting QB, but he surely can visualize Bill Belichick unleashing Tebow in a playoff game against the Broncos in a way that punishes Elway severely.)

And yet I heard about that Jets rumor tonight and realized that -- yes -- it would be just perfect that mere months after I leave New York City, Tebow would come to town. The dumb part is that we can all see it coming that Tebow would displace Mark Sanchez, even with all that money that the Jets stupidly just gave him.

I'd say we're anywhere from a few hours to 72 hours from a conclusion here. And part of the excitement is that no one can really say where he's going to end up. Think what you want about Tebow as a starting QB -- you can't deny the popular appeal of the story.

-- D.S.

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