Thursday, April 19, 2012

04/19 (Summitt) Quickie

*End of an era with Pat Summitt stepping down: Greatest college basketball coach of all time.

*Colts going to draft Luck: No! You're kidding! The "Suck for Luck" cycle is complete.

*Bo Ryan hates transfers: Another battle the NCAA is going to eventually lose, because it doesn't pass the common-sense test.

*Cliff Lee going 10: Awesome for its novelty/throwback-ishness.

*Pudge Rodriguez is retiring: First-ballot Hall of Famer.

*Dwight Howard wants Stan Van Gundy out: For real this time. SVG will be fine -- he'll make a mint on TV or coaching a different contender (he'd be fantastic in NYC, although the Dolans would hate him). Can't say the same thing about D12.

*NHL: The Penguins are still going to lose the series, but at least they won't experience the humiliation of a sweep.

*Today's best read: ESPN Mag's Tom Friend on RG3.

-- D.S.

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