Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Congrats, Quickish Readers Bracket Winners

Huge congratulations to the three folks who tied for the championship of the "Quickish Readers" group of ESPN.com's Tournament Challenge: "Giggs," "DResvilla" and "TeeMabry22."

I can't help but post with pride that my 5-year-old Gabe picked his own bracket this year, entirely by himself (handwritten and all) and finished in the 92nd percentile nationally. Not bad.

If you used the "National Bracket," you'd have finished in the 87th percentile.
If you simply picked all higher seeds, you'd have finished in the 82nd percentile.
If you used Barack Obama's picks, you would have finished in the 64th percentile.
I got off a multi-year schneid by finishing in the 70th percentile.

And if you used SI.com's "Survival Analysis" from Harvard Sports Analysis Collective's John Ezekowitz, you would have finished in the 97th percentile. Keep that in mind for next year.

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