Wednesday, May 23, 2012

05/23 (Heat) Quickie

And the world returns to its normal axis, as the Heat dismantle the Pacers and effectively end any shot Indiana had at winning this series. Dexter Pittman's wink -- caught on camera -- after he gave Lance Stephenson a shot to the neck at the end of the game is why he'll probably sit Game 6, not that it matters.


*The NFLPA's collusion lawsuit against the NFL is a joke.

*Larry Bird calls the Pacers "soft": You're not helping.

*The Magic would be a better fit for NBA martinet Jerry Sloan than the Bobcats.

*Kings advance to Stanley Cup finals: Yeah, that would-be penalty was a somewhat dirty move, but if you're Phoenix, you've got to deal and rally. They were going to lose the series anyway, let's be honest.

Sorry for the short (and way-late) post today.

Tons of great stuff on Quickish today (and yesterday, too). Click here for a quick-hit version or just head over to the site.

-- D.S.

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