Tuesday, June 12, 2012

06/12 (NBA Finals) Quickie

First, a hearty congrats to the LA Kings, one of the most distinctive champions in NHL history.

Not just an 8-seed (the first 8-seed to win the Cup, a feat alone that shouts novelty), but a team that imploded itself halfway through the season, couldn't score anyway and eked into the playoffs, only to destroy everyone in its path. "Worthy champs" doesn't do it justice. Now, as many noted almost immediately after the game last night, the NHL will punch itself in the face with a labor battle.

NBA Finals: I understand the very compelling reason to root against the Thunder (and, by default, for the Heat)... but I just can't do it. Can't root against Durant. Can't root for LeBron. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. Thunder in 7. It is going to be one of the most-watched Finals series in a generation -- the biggest national event for the NBA since Michael Jordan's final NBA Finals.

US Open: Partly because I like his schtick and partially because his feelings as a dad resonate with me, gotta love Bubba.

Best thing I read yesterday: GQ.com's amazing Oral History of the Dream Team, put together by Lang Whitaker. (This week's most can't-miss TV is the Dream Team doc on NBA TV tomorrow night.)

Oh, and by the way: I've been remiss in covering it, but the Stonybrook story in the College World Series is one of the best you'll ever get in sports. Here's the analogue (h/t Y!'s Pat Forde): It would be like LIU as a 15-seed going to the Final Four, but doing it by winning 2 out of 3 at Duke (h/t NYT's Lynn Zinser).

Finally, in case you missed it: Yesterday's exciting news. Really appreciate everyone who tweeted or emailed.

-- D.S.

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