Thursday, July 12, 2012

07/12 (Freeh) Quickie

If you are a Penn State alum or fan, it should be impossible this morning not to be (even more) horrified at the conduct of your administration -- and your football coach -- during the terrifying Sandusky era.

I think we all knew that the school's board and its AD and Paterno knew far too much about Sandusky and chose -- chose -- not to do anything about it. It is damning to see it in this report.

It is hard to say what the "proper" punishment is -- nothing feels adequate. On the other hand, that Joe Paterno will be remembered in history as a kind of monster, rather than "one of the greatest football coaches ever" -- and that, hopefully, members of the Penn State administration go to prison -- is better than nothing.

The hope is that every school takes a hard look at the power they have conceded to the football program and their football coach -- that is one of the things at the root of this scandal.

-- D.S.

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