Monday, October 01, 2012

10/1 (NFL Monday) Quickie

Shallow Monday-morning analysis, just like you want it...

*NFL Quarter-Season MVP: Matt Ryan.
*But the best storyline? That the Saints are 0-4.
*Also a lot of fun: That the Cardinals are 4-0.
*Are the Texans the best team in the NFL? Right now? Yes. In 16 weeks? No.
*Surprise of Week 4: The "Refs Return" thing turned out to not be a big deal.
*What's wrong with Cam Newton? Nothing. Seriously, relax, haters.
*Are the Vikings for real? No. I'll still take the under on 8 wins.
*Plenty of games left for... the Eagles to fall apart (and Giants to surge).
*RGIII Mythology, cont'd: His headset was out on the final drive to set up the GW FG.
*RGIII is the NFL's best rookie, but...: That Rams K Zuerlein is damn close.
*If the 2013 NFL Draft was today: I'd take Geno Smith over Matt Barkley.
*I'm in the tank for TT, but what is the downside of the Jets benching Sanchez for Tebow?

MLB: Last year's "Game 162" was just about as thrilling as a single-night of sports gets, but I'm really looking forward to the fun scoreboard-watching over the next three days.

CFB: I'm still ga-ga for Geno Smith's performance. I couldn't care less about "But is WVU really a great team?" because the universal premise is moot: No team is beating Alabama anyway.

Ryder Cup choke: Who's with me in the "Eh, who really cares?" category?

Thoughts with family and friends of Ravens coach Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia and is expected to recover enough to get back on the sidelines later this season. We can only hope.

-- D.S.

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