Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18 (Midweek) Quickie

The A-Rod-to-Marlins idea was far-fetched, but I appreciated the spirit in which it was delivered.

If I was the Yankees, I'd trade him, even if it meant eating his massive contract. If I was another team -- yes, particularly the Marlins -- I would absolutely pick him up... if the Yankees picked up the tab.

This won't end soon -- even if the Yankees' season ends imminently. But I could see it ending by mid-December. Can you envision the Yankees taking A-Rod into spring training next year? I can't.

Then again, the Yankees have much bigger problems than A-Rod and his contract. Much bigger.

NLCS: It's hard to not respect the Cardinals, begrudgingly or otherwise. Epitome of "playoff team."

NFL: Welcome back, Terrell Suggs. Will almost certainly lift a Ravens D reeling from the loss of Lewis and Webb.

Tebow: If Tebow does get touches as an RB (meaning, not a QB who takes direct snaps and runs like a RB, but a full-fledged RB taking handoffs from a QB), my only question is when he gets "RB" eligibility in fantasy. Some smart platform is going to do it this weekend, if he really does take a handoff.

NBA: Kevin Love out 6-8 weeks. Between Love's injury this season and Rubio's injury last season, a promising franchise remains theoretical.

CFB Tonight: Do yourself a favor and watch Oregon at Arizona State. This is the Ducks' first real road game, and even if ASU isn't going to pose a challenge, you've got to see Oregon's offense first-hand. It's a great appetizer for a very strong weekend of games.

-- D.S.

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