Thursday, November 01, 2012

11/01 (Harden) Quickie

Two words: James Harden.

It's almost like I don't need to write anything more today, Harden's debut with Houston was THAT spectacular.

Through my preferred construct of small-sample-size instant history, it is clear that as good as Harden was as the third wheel of the Thunder, he is even better as an alpha.

Let's agree that it will be fun to watch him this season -- and that he instantly becomes a "must-follow" superstar, perhaps for now THE must-follow superstar.

*Lakers fall to 0-2: And adding injury to insult, Nash is hurt.
*NFL: DeAngelo Hall... sigh. Just cut your losses, man.
*CFB: Bama-LSU isn't quite what it seemed it would be in August, but still.
*MLB: Say this for Giants fans - they know how to throw a parade.
*CBB Name to Know: UCLA frosh Kyle Anderson.
*Halloween hangover: I could eat mini-Twixes all day.

- D.S.

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