Saturday, November 17, 2012

11/18 (Oregon! K-State! What???) Quickie

Good god, that's why we love college football. Nights like Saturday, where presumptions are obliterated.

Like: "Kansas State is too solid to lose a trap game at Baylor." They were decimated.

Like: "Well, even if: Oregon will never lose at home to Stanford." They were neutered.

And we are left with a world where Notre Dame is No. 1 -- but needing a win over arch-rival USC next Saturday night to play for the national title. A loss and they're out.

Meanwhile, all of a sudden, the Alabama-Georgia winner of the SEC title game (presumably Alabama) is into the national-title game.

Yes, one week after Alabama and the SEC were both presumed "done."

And I would cackle at the notion that we are a Notre Dame loss to USC and a Florida win over Florida State from Florida playing the Alabama-Georgia winner in the national-title game...

...Except (a) Notre Dame is winning and (b) Florida definitely is losing in Tallahassee to an FSU team motivated by the self-loathing of knowing they missed a shot at the national title game by losing to NC State AND denying their biggest rival a claim.

The thing is: This happens in college football ALL THE TIME. This isn't an exception. It is what affirms college football's regular season as the greatest in all of sports.

And why every Saturday in the fall is booked, noon to midnight. The most incredible things happen.

-- D.S.

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